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How to Make Structured Water?

Structured water is also known as hexagonal or magnetized water. When water is structured, many people believe that it’s healthier than plain tap water or filtered water. Some studies even suggest that it could have health benefits.

So how do you create structured water? Natural spring water is already structured and exists in mountains, glacier melts, and other untouched, natural sources. However, there are some ways to create structured water at home.

How to Create Structured Water

If you look at structured water under a microscope, it’s different than your typical tap water or even a glass of pure, filtered water. Structured water looks like a hexagonal grid, and it’s because of this perfect arrangement that leads to greater health benefits for the drinker.

Just like hydrogen water ionizers such as the Tyent UCE-13 Plus, structured water can be created at home using a magnetizing process called vortexing. Vortexing water can charge it, allowing water to hold energy. This energy can then be ingested and used to recharge your body, hydrating it more than drinking a glass of ordinary water.

 By spinning water rapidly in a vortex, you can create structured water through different channels, creating a golden ratio spline that spirals water. This creates what is called the piezoelectric effect.

There are multiple ways to create structured water, however. Magnetizing or vortexing is just one way.

Other Ways to Structure Water

According to those who drink structured water, you can also use these methods to create structured water:

  •  Expose water to infrared or ultraviolet light
  •  Expose to natural heat and energy, such as sunlight
  •  Store your water in a gemstone water bottle

Even though supports have championed these methods, magnetizing water seems to offer the most health benefits. While more studies are necessary to see how structured water can be created, these methods have allowed health-conscious adults to create the perfect glass of filtered, structured water.

Why Make Structured Water

After numerous studies showed the benefits of hydrogen water ranging back to 2007, many researchers began to explore water in greater detail. After all, humans need it to survive, but structured water provides more than hydration.

Structured water proponents write incredible details about their experiences with structured water, and there are a few studies that prove these benefits are real, like this one that showed magnetized water could heal lymphocyte DNA damage.

Benefits of structured water include:

  •  Detoxifying the body
  •  Increased energy
  •  Better concentration and memory
  •  Weight loss and maintaining healthy weight
  •  Promotes better sleep
  •  Supports your immune system
  •  Promotes healthy digestion
  •  Reduces constipation
  •  Increases longer life
  •  Improves skin complexion
  •  Stabilizes blood sugar levels

Currently, there aren’t human studies on structured water, so more research is necessary. However, many supporters have said that structured water led to a better quality of life.

Is Structured Water Better Than Regular Water?

Medical research shows that drinking water is necessary to lead a healthier life. Studies have proven that you can improve your health just by drinking more water throughout the day. However, structured water supporters say that vortexing water leads to even more benefits and increased energy.

Staying hydrated is incredibly important, but there are also cases of overhydration. Athletes typically experience this during intense training, where they tend to drink more water and end up feeling nauseous, even passing out. To avoid this, it’s important that you only drink 2 to 3 cups of water before exercising, then another 2 to 3 cups after exercising. On average, you should hydrate every hour while exercising, but it’s important not to “chug” or drink more water than your body can handle.

Is Structured Water a Scam?

More research is pending on structured water, but so far there are multiple studies on structured water and its effects. It may seem like we’ve discovered everything about water molecules, but hydrogen water’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits weren’t discovered until 2007.

However, you should always check reviews and research companies before purchasing any structured water products. Any company selling water that hasn’t been vortexed or magnetized may not have any additional health benefits. When researching structured water, you should always look at the process, channels, and magnetization features. In addition, the best-structured water devices offer water filtration in addition vortexing. This ensures that your water is both pure and structured properly for the most antioxidants and health benefits.