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What is Structured Water?

Did you know that water has a natural water frequency state? Structured water actually looks like a hexagonal grid when in its natural state, and some studies have shown that when water is structured, it can provide more antioxidants. Structured water is naturally found in mountain springs.

Through magnetized supplementation, scientists discovered that they could create structured water, which has been shown to improve lymphocyte DNA damage. However, this research has yet to have human trials.

This is why structured water is also known as magnetized or hexagonal water. It refers to water that has a structure that looks like a hexagonal cluster or grid.

How Structured Water Forms

Structured water has been studied recently for its antioxidant and healing properties. Those who drink this water say that it has even more benefits. Hexagonal water also occurs in glacier melts and other untouched water sources.

There are four ways to create and preserve structured water if not naturally sourced.

  •  Water is magnetized through vortexing
  •  Water is exposed to ultraviolet or infrared lights
  •  Water is exposed to natural sunlight or heat
  •  Structured water can be stored in gemstone water bottles

Does structured water really have benefits for the drinker? Supporters of hexagonal water say that it helps with a lot of different internal problems, as well as weight loss and aging. However, more research is needed to confirm if structured water really offers these benefits.

Benefits of Structured Water

While there aren’t many human studies to confirm hexagonal water’s benefits, those who drink structured water believe that vortexing water infuses it with healing properties and makes it more hydrating than your ordinary glass of water.

Some reported benefits of structured water include:

  •  Detoxifies the body
  •  Increases energy levels
  •  Improves focus and memory
  •  Promotes weight loss
  •  Enhances sleep
  •  Supports your immune system
  •  Promotes better digestion and decrease constipation
  •  Promotes longer life
  •  Improves blood circulation
  •  Clears up skin complexion
  •  Stabilizes blood sugar

More research is needed to know if these health benefits are proven. However, one 2013 study shows that magnetized, hexagonal water led to a decrease in glucose levels and reduces damage to blood and liver DNA in rats.

The results are promising for future research on hexagonal water, but so far, the results only show changes in the studied rat specimens.

Should You Drink Structured Water?

Structured water is completely safe to drink just like natural, filtered, or tap water. While there are many personal reports of the benefits of structural water, you may find more results from drinking molecular hydrogen water with the help of a water ionizer like the Tyent Hybrid H2. Dozens of studies have proven that hydrogen water has a ton of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.

Most people are getting enough water if they have pale or clear urine, and you also have plenty of vegetables and fruits in your diet. Staying hydrated is super important, however

Many athletes and biohackers have taken to hexagonal water and devices that you can keep at home to create the perfect glass of structured water.

Detroit Tigers pitcher Matt Boyd has a structured water vapor that sends misty air that Boyd inhales, which he says helps his cells perform better in intense training and matches.

Does Structured Water Prevent Aging?

A biohacker named Bob Troia believes that he has experienced anti-aging after incorporating structured water into his daily routine. Troia reports that he experienced higher strength and endurance during workouts.

Like hydrogen water, structured water is said to have more antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. When water is magnetized, it’s said that ingesting structured water leads to lower levels of oxidative stress. It’s been helpful for many who have skin and weight loss problems. Just by drinking new structured water, many participants believe they’re able to achieve anti-aging just by inhaling vapor or drinking structured water.