Difference Between Ozone Water and Alkaline Water

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Smart Summary: Ozone Water vs Alkaline Water

Ozone water is created with ozone gas through a water treatment process, disinfecting and removing contaminants. Alkaline water is any water with a pH of 7 or higher and is produced through a process called electrolysis.

Both can provide multiple health benefits to the drinker. However, water ozonator machines do not change the pH of your water, which means that you can’t typically combine ozone water and alkaline water. These are the highest-rated machines to produce healthy alkaline water in the comfort of your own home.

Which is Better?

Both ionizers and ozonators can purify water, but which one is better for you? Does one offer more health benefits than the other?

While ozone is a naturally occurring gas in the Earth’s atmosphere, it’s also a powerful oxidizer. It can filter the sun’s UV rays and also protect the Earth from extremely harmful radiation.

In comparison, alkaline water is created through electrolysis. For water to be alkaline, it must have a pH above 7. You can create alkaline water with a water ionizer or water filtration system with electrolysis plates.

What Is Ozonated Water?

Ozonated water is produced through ozone filtration, which is when you inject ozone into water. While it can be used with both residential and commercial water systems, ozone generation also charges oxygen to create ozone, also known as an oxidizer.

Through this process, ozone filtration can remove and neutralize contaminants and toxins in your water.

Ozone is also comprised of 3 oxygen atoms and has a formula of O3. You probably have even smelled this type of gas before, as it typically occurs during a thunderstand during lightning discharge.

While ozonation can take place organically through UV radiation from the sun, there are also ozonator systems that you can purchase for your home. These are healthy alternatives for pool cleaning as well, as you won’t need to use chlorine filtration.

How To Make Ozone Water

Through a process called ozonation, water is infused with ozone, which acts as a disinfectant. During ozonation, the ozone infusion attacks any microorganisms, destroying their cell walls, which also gets rid of bacteria.

As ozone is a highly reactive oxidant, it’s most effective when directly added to water. While you won’t see any visual changes to water, you may notice that bad odors and tastes are gone as contaminants are removed.

There are also devices known as BES ozone generators that can produce ozone water through electrolysis. So what’s the difference between ozone water vs alkaline water? We’ll share more information below on how alkaline water is generated and the many benefits of drinking this high pH water.

Is It Safe To Drink Ozonated Water?

In general, it’s safe to drink ozonated water. It’s just like drinking a glass of water. However, you may want to consider looking at different filtration systems if you want minerals and healthy bacteria.

Hard water might need treatment by a water softener before receiving ozone treatment. Some studies suggest ozone water may harm helpful bacteria in the stomach that aid in regular digestion.

Benefits Of Drinking Ozone Water

For drinking purposes, ozone water also has benefits for your health. For one, studies have found that ozone filtration can remove contaminants and pollutants from water, but that’s not all. Here are a few of the benefits you’ll notice from ozonated water:

Cleaner and Safer Drinking Water: Ozone is a natural disinfectant. That’s one of its greatest benefits. It can quickly kill bacteria, viruses, and other toxic microorganisms. Just like filtration systems remove bad odors and tastes, adding ozonation to water makes it safer and cleaner to drink.

Dental Benefits: Did you know that ozonated water in dentistry dates back to the 1930s? At this time, it was used to disinfect oral cavities and also provide wound healing. That speaks to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Dentists saw that it prevented bacteria, but it’s also been known to soothe tooth pain and has been used for teeth whitening.

Energy Boost: Drinking more ozonated water could also help with your energy levels. Due to purification, ozonated water has antioxidants that help your body when ingested. However, many people also bathe in pure ozonated water because of its ability to help with muscle pain and weakness.

Helps with Inflammation: You may also be able to use ozone water to strengthen your immune system and overall health. Known as ozone therapy, some studies have found that ozonated water can increase the effectiveness of certain medications and supplements.

Environmentally Friendly Filtration: One thing to note about ozonated water is that it doesn’t add any chemicals to water. You don’t need to use any type of filters either. After added to water, ozone acts as a disinfectant but it breaks down naturally and returns to atmosphere just as regular oxygen.

What Is Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is known as any water with a pH over 7. Through ionization with electrolysis plates, your water’s pH level can increase. Depending on the number of plates in an ionizer or alkaline water machine, you may be able to adjust your pH as high as 11.

However, it’s not recommended to drink water with that high of a pH. You’re best to stick with a water between 7.8 and 9.0 pH if looking for alkaline benefits.

How To Make Alkaline Water

Alkaline water may occur naturally when passing over rocks, especially when created by springs. These natural alkaline water types also pick up minerals, which increase its alkalinity.

However, you can also use an ionizer or alkaline filtration system to generate alkaline water of higher pH levels. These machines use a process called electrolysis. These plates raise the pH level of your water. You may want to look for a filtration system with reverse osmosis to purify water before raising the pH level.

Alkaline Water Benefits

There are a number of benefits to drinking alkaline water, according to a few studies. Since alkaline water has a higher pH level than regular drinking water, research has found that it can neutralize stomach acid, which can be helpful for those with acid reflux.

However, alkaline health benefits go beyond just that. Here are a few ways that alkaline water is beneficial to your health, according to advocates and current research.

More Antioxidants: One of the main benefits of alkaline water is antioxidants. Through electrolysis, more antioxidants are added to alkaline water. This helps your immune system and reduces oxidative stress in your body.

Immune System Support: Many also use alkaline water for the energy boost and anti-inflammatory properties. Advocates have found that drinking alkaline water can be healing for your body, and some even say that it has anti-aging properties. One study found that alkaline water is also helpful for your blood viscosity and helps your body after a strenuous workout.

Hydration, Skin Health: If you want your skin to look softer and more hydrated, some advocates have said that drinking higher pH water will help with your skin health due to its detoxifying properties. While more research is needed, multiple alkaline reviews have said that it can provide relief for dry, itchy skin and even clear up acne.

Reduces Discomfort: In another study, a small group of patients were given alkaline water while undergoing radiation therapy for cancer. Alkaline water is helpful for neutralizing stomach acid, but it’s also a bit smoother and healthier than regular drinking water. It can prevent nausea and many other symptoms of radiation therapy.

Who Should Consider Buying a Water Ozonator?

If you are looking for purified water benefits that still contain healthy minerals and allow for higher pH levels, you may want to try another filtration system.

There are many options for those who would like to disinfect and dissolve contaminants in their water. Small point-of-use water ozonator machines often aren’t reliable, despite their cheap price.

These machines also do not offer much versatility or alkaline water’s health benefits. Water ozonator machines serve whole house water filters when used at the point-of-entry. However, it may not lower the TDS (total dissolved solids) as much as a dedicated whole house water filter with a UV light add-on.

Reader Question: Is Ozonated Water Alkaline?

No, ozonated water isn’t naturally alkaline. In addition, ozonated water doesn’t contain any mineral hydrates, and it’s a disinfectant. Alkaline water is an antioxidant that also carries minerals.

Who Should Consider Buying an Alkaline Water Ionizer?

Water ionizers also offer robust water treatment at the point-of-use. When set to high pH settings, the alkaline water can also be used to disinfect surfaces, fruits, and vegetables without artificial chemicals. When set to lower pH settings, the water provides numerous health benefits. It’s a favorite of those in various stages of pregnancy and nursing babies.

 While it’s not certified to treat or cure disease, those with acid reflux, diabetes, gout, and other conditions swear by it to improve their feelings of well-being.

Ozone Water vs Alkaline Water: Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe To Drink Ozonated Water?

Yes, it’s safe to drink ozonated water in general. However, some studies have shown it to be corrosive, which is why you should use a corrosion-proof tank with a well water home if you want to try ozonation.

Does Ozone Remove Chlorine From Water?

Since ozone can actually oxidize inorganic and organic chloramines, it can also reduce combined chlorine.

Can You Drink Alkaline Water Everyday?

This depends on the level of alkalinity in your water. Higher pH levels over 8.0 should not be consumed every day. It’s safe to stay between 7.1 and 7.9 for every day drinking water. However, others may drink higher alkaline water to reduce symptoms of acid reflux or cancer treatments.

Does Alkaline Water Help Acid Reflux?

Due to its therapeutic benefits, alkaline water has been shown to help those with acid reflux disease. It can reduce most symptoms, including heartburn. Studies have shown that it can reduce acidity in your intestines and also eliminates pepsin, which is thought to be one of the main causes of acid reflux.

Can Babies Have Alkaline Water?

You could permanently alter the pH balance of a growing baby’s body by giving them alkaline water. However, there hasn’t been any research on this topic. Scientific studies have yet to confirm whether it’s beneficial for toddlers and children as well.