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What Do Molecular Hydrogen Studies Say?

In 2007, a new discovery emerged on molecular hydrogen. It turns out that the smallest atom that’s most abundant in the universe also had antioxidant properties. Ever since that time, multiple studies have been conducted to test theories on the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

With hydrogen water generators now able to create hydrogen water from home like the Tyent Alkaline H2 Hybrid, molecular hydrogen studies have continued to share more information on how hydrogen water can actually heal your body and prevent disease.

We wanted to share some of the most significant molecular hydrogen studies and other research that shows how molecular hydrogen can help with multiple health issues.

The Results from Molecular Hydrogen Studies: What We Know

You’ve probably heard of hydrogen water if you want to verify if it’s truly able to heal from within. While the science is a bit more complex, research has shown that molecular hydrogen has anti-inflammatory properties and provides antioxidants when ingested.

As more companies hop on the molecular hydrogen water trend, it’s important to remember that these benefits are only particular to molecular hydrogen water when it’s consumed in the right time frame.

There are multiple benefits previously and currently being discussed in multiple hydrogen water studies, including:

  •  Increases energy
  •  Slows down aging process
  •  Lessens muscle fatigue
  •  Increases muscle recovery
  •  Aids in digestion
  •  Alleviates symptoms of radiation therapy in cancer patients
  •  Reduces nausea
  •  Prevents diseases
  •  Improves athletic performance

So the real question is what do molecular hydrogen studies show to support these findings? Here are the top studies on the subject with verified research.

Study of Hydrogen Water For Radiation Therapy in Liver Cancer Patients

One randomized, placebo-controlled study conducted in 2011 studied the effects of drinking hydrogen-rich water on liver cancer patients undergoing treatment. The study found that cancer patients receiving radiotherapy experience nausea, hair loss, headaches, and many other ailments. Out of 49 patients, half of the patients were given hydrogen-rich water during their therapy, while the other half were given a placebo.

Researchers theorized that the side effects of radiotherapy were due to oxidative stress, and since hydrogen water contains antioxidants thought to reduce oxidative stress, scientists Ko-Mun Kang and Young-Nam Kang predicted that hydrogen could be administered and reduce symptoms related to cancer treatment.

After consuming hydrogen-rich water daily for 6 weeks, the study found that reactive oxygen metabolites were reduced in the blood. In addition, patients reported their quality of life had improved after drinking hydrogen water, but there was no difference in the placebo group.

Molecular Hydrogen: Can It Prevent Disease?

Another study in 2017 sought to understand whether hydrogen water could actually prevent certain diseases. Scientists theorized that oxidative stress results in inflammation and disease, especially with chronic oxidative stress.

The study noted several other reports of molecular hydrogen providing therapeutic and healing effects for the brain, heart, pancreas, lung, and liver. The study found that molecular hydrogen is able to mediate oxidative stress and provide anti-inflammatory support to the body.

While the study was unclear of the dosage to achieve lower oxidative stress with molecular hydrogen, the results showed that ingesting molecular hydrogen water led to higher brain functions, reduced oxidative stress, and anti-apoptosis.

It’s also worth mentioning that the research showed molecular hydrogen is selective when choosing where to provide antioxidants.

Faster Athletes: Muscle Recovery from Hydrogen Water

In 2020, this study looked at the application of molecular hydrogen in sports science. Due to its antioxidant properties, hydrogen gas in water is thought to reduce muscle fatigue and increase time of muscle recovery in between workouts. It’s one of the reasons why it’s been featured Shape magazine as a drink for athletes.

The goal of the study was to test if hydrogen water improved the performance of the athletes. It’s already been proven that exercise induces oxidative stress, which occurs because of or enzymatic or non-enzymatic antioxidant defense system.

Since hydrogen gas can lessen oxidative stress, it was thought that athletes could drink hydrogen water to repair faster after intense training. The study found that after exercise, athletes were able to quickly repair faster than those that drank the placebo.

The researchers also noted six other studies that have proven the success of molecular hydrogen in sports science, as well as multiple methods of taking in molecular gas. Some evidence suggests that intravenous injections of molecular hydrogen are best for healing the body.

Other Studies and Reviews to Grade Molecular Hydrogen’s Effectiveness

Do Hydrogen Water Generators Work?

One of the best ways to create hydrogen water is with a hydrogen water ionizer also known as a hydrogen water generator. These water machines use an electrolyzer to create instant hydrogen water at home. Water ionizers also create alkaline water, and a couple have multi-stage filtration to get the purest water. For example, the Tyent H2 Alkaline Hybrid water ionizer creates customized alkaline hydrogen water, combining negative ORP and anti-inflammatory support for even healthier drink. It also comes with dual-stage filtration for a 99.9% contaminant-free result that is alkaline and hydrogen-rich.