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Are There Any Hydrogen Water Side Effects?

Over the past decade, hydrogen-rich water has blown up in popularity. Athletes, cancer patients, and health-conscious adults are all turning to this purified hydrogenated water. However, many wonder about the side effects of hydrogen water.

Hydrogen water is water that has been infused with molecular hydrogen gas, which has been shown in multiple studies to increase anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

If you’ve been thinking about trying hydrogen water, you generally have nothing to fear. Hydrogen water has been marked GRAS by the FDA. To learn what that means and whether there are any drawbacks to drinking hydrogen-rich water, we’ve provided the latest information backed by research below.

Is Hydrogen Water Safe to Drink?

Hydrogen water was marked GRAS by the FDA many years ago. This stands for generally recognized as safe. Hydrogen gas water is approved for human consumption and isn’t known to cause harm.

More than 1,500 studies have been conducted on the benefits of hydrogen water. There are multiple health benefits, but what about the side effects of hydrogen water?

One thing to keep in mind is that hydrogen gas water tablets and other bottled hydrogen water products don’t necessarily have to disclose how much hydrogen they pump into water. There isn’t an industry standard or study that also looks at how much hydrogen is too much. Concentrations vary from each hydrogen water product.

One way to know exactly much hydrogen is in your water is to use a hydrogen water machine at home, like the Tyent H2 hybrid hydrogen ionizer. You can see just how much negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP) is included with your water. Ideally, you want an ORP of -850 or lower. Tyent offers an ORP of -1050, which is considered excellent for antioxidants.

Side Effects of Drinking Hydrogen Water

While there have been few reports of negative hydrogen water side effects, there are many ways that you can overdose on drinking water or over-consuming alkaline water, which can lead to less stomach acid and alkalosis. However, it’s very rare to experience any of these symptoms.

Some of the symptoms associated with over-consuming hydrogenated alkaline water include:

  •  Hand tremors
  •  Muscle twitching
  •  Nausea
  •  Vomiting
  •  Tingling in your extremities or face
  •  Dizziness or confusion

In addition, drinking an access of highly alkaline water with a pH above 8.5 on a consistent basis could cause more gastrointestinal issues and lower your immune system’s response. This is due to the alteration of your body’s normal pH and stomach acid, which helps to kill bacteria and other pathogens before it enters your bloodstream.

However, hydrogen-rich water can have lower alkalinity and be completely safe to drink. It’s best to use a hydrogen water ionizer to customize your pH and ORP levels, therefore you have the most anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties in your water.

Is Water Naturally Hydrogen-Rich?

Hydrogen water requires a process to infuse molecular hydrogen gas with water. This is why it’s better to use a hydrogen water machine for pure, filtered water infused with molecular hydrogen. This ensures that you’ll get the most benefits, and you can customize the amount of ORP and alkalinity in your water.

The most important characteristics of hydrogen water include:

  •  ORP or redox potential
  •  Molecular concentration of hydrogen measured in parts per million or mg/l
  •  pH level or alkaline index

When hydrogen water has a negative ORP of -850 or lower, such as -1050, then you’re likely to get more antioxidants from one glass of hydrogen water. This is important as you want your body to absorb as many antioxidants as fast as possible when drinking hydrogenated water.

Molecular hydrogen has very low water solubility, which is why it has to be consumed quickly. For this reason, many health-conscious adults and athletes choose to have a hydrogen water generator in their homes.

Natural Effects of Hydrogen in Living Organisms

Multiple studies have looked at the antioxidant effects and properties of hydrogen-rich water. There are three most popular effects found in these results.

Inhibition of Reactive Oxygen Species or Free Radicals

Due to the amount of antioxidants in hydrogen water, it has the ability to inhibit or even remove free radicals from the bloodstream. In fact, studies have shown hydrogen water can suppress the hydroxyl radical, known as OH in your body’s cells.

Reduces Oxidative Stress

oxidative stress

Another ability of hydrogen water is to inhibit reactive nitrogen species, also known as RNS. Molecular hydrogen is able to reduce the formation of NO2, which can then reduce the formation of ONOOO, also known as peroxynitrite.

Introduces Anti-Inflammatory Bodies to Your Cells

Additionally, molecular hydrogen water also has anti-inflammatory properties, which aid in reducing oxidative stress as well as gastrointestinal problems. One study found that these properties can lead to a significantly higher quality of life for those undergoing radiation therapy for cancer treatment.

Would Your Doctor Recommend Hydrogen Water?

Many athletes now drink hydrogen water because of its healing, energizing effects. It’s said that hydrogen water can even decrease aging, but more studies need to be conducted for it to become a medicinal product. Still, hydrogen water ionizers like the Tyent H2 hybrid are licensed as medical devices because of their medicinal uses.

If you are thinking about trying hydrogen water, it’s best to use a hydrogen water machine rather than a hydrogen water tablet. Many of these products have been proven to be fake, as they don’t provide the same benefits as real hydrogen-rich water. You won’t get the same anti-inflammatory effects with many of these products, so it’s best to read reviews before purchasing.