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How Filtered Water Boosts Your Health and Immunity

Everyone knows you need water to survive, but what if the water you drink and cook with in your home is contaminated? You may be consuming toxins like arsenic, lead, chlorine, chromium, pesticides, viruses, and other microscopic contaminants that live in your water supply.

There are some significant benefits to installing a water filtration system. Whether you choose a whole home filter or under sink filter system, the effects are almost instant on your health if you have been drinking toxic water.

Benefits of Water Filtration for Your Health

The main reason that many homeowners invest in whole house water filtration is that they taste something off in their water. Through testing, you can see all of the microscopic particles in your water.

If your water supply has high levels of chlorine, synthetics, bacteria, cysts, and other contaminants, you are more susceptible to diseases or may already have developed an illness due to your water.

Here are some of the ways you can improve your health and immunity to diseases just by switching to filtered water throughout your home.

Avoid Outbreaks in Public Water Systems

The CDC reported the top 10 causes of disease due to outbreaks in public water systems. These were linked to viruses and contaminants in the water supply, particularly in certain regions where the water hasn’t been treated correctly.

These viruses and diseases include:

  •  Legionella
  •  Giardia
  •  Norovirus
  •  Shigella
  •  Salmonella
  •  E.coli (caused by excess fluoride)
  •  Cryptosporidium
  •  Hepatitis
  •  Meningitis
  •  Campylobacter

While it’s likely that your water is safe in most areas of the United States, if you notice yourself feeling ill after drinking your own tap water, you may have something sinister in your water causing poor health.

Boosts Your Immune System

Do you constantly fall sick to the common cold? Have you been dealing with bronchitis or meningitis? You may have contaminants in your water that are weakening your immune system and allowing bacteria to flourish.

Filtered water takes away these risks by removing thousands of contaminants from your water. For example, a reverse osmosis water filter system can remove 99.99% of all contaminants in your water.

It’s especially important that those suffering from cancer, AIDS, and transplant surgeries do not drink contaminated water. In some cases, even alkaline water filtration should be considered to improve digestion for those who must have chemotherapy.

Children’s Health

Studies have shown that filtered water is crucial for growing children, as water filtration provides the healthiest water for a young immune system. While adults may engage in unhealthy habits, children’s bodies are just developing and need to develop proper habits to have a good and healthy life.

If your water has an abundance of chlorine, fluoride, petrol, bacteria, or another dangerous toxin, it could mean that their immunities will be disrupted, and they could even develop gastrointestinal problems or worse diseases from continuously ingesting toxins as children.

Skin and Hair Benefits

One of the biggest, most visible benefits of filtered water can be seen in skin and hair once transitioning to a whole home filtration system. If you have experienced dry, acne-prone skin, changing to filtered water with a water softener can eliminate toxins and hard water. However, your hair will also feel healthier and shinier, while some have even noted that it stopped their dandruff and improved hair growth. This is mostly due to removing hardness from water that has developed after a buildup of magnesium and calcium.