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Signs of Poor Water Quality in Your Home

Have you ever held up a glass of tap water to the light? It’s one of the first things people do when they discover something weird about the water in their homes. However, it’s not just weird particles or murkiness that you should watch out for. Have you noticed any of the following signs of poor water quality in your house?

Bad Water Quality Signs To Look Out For

While a water filter can fix most poor water quality problems, there are a few that may require a plumbing professional. In some cases, there could be leaks in your watery supply, as septic tanks can crack and wells can suffer from corrosion over time.

If you notice any of these warning signs in your water, you should immediately stop cooking and drinking your water until you talk to a professional or install a water filtration system. In addition, you may want to look into water testing strips to see what’s in your water.

Does Your Water Smell Like Chlorine?

While chlorine is used to clean water in pools and in some public water treatment facilities, you don’t want to smell chlorine in your water, as it’s not safe to consume. Long-term consumption of chlorine can lead to serious illnesses, and it will irritate your skin and eyes. Over time, chlorine also strips your clothing and linens of their softness and vibrancy.

Do You Smell Sulfur in Your Water?

If you detect the slightest hint of rotten egg smell in your water, then a high level of sulfur has permeated your water supply. This makes your water very dangerous to consume, so contact a plumber or your county health department immediately.

Why There’s an Oily Film in Your Water

Have you noticed a greasy film on top of standing water in your bathtub or shower? It’s likely a plumbing issue with your pipes. Grease and oil have somehow infiltrated your home drainage system or water supply. The best approach is to talk to a plumber who can locate the leak and fix it quickly.

Does Your Tap Water Taste Metallic and Bitter?

Your water has likely been contaminated, particularly if well water. A reverse osmosis water filtration system can help with this issue, but unless you want to install a whole house water filter, you should test to see what’s in your water and possibly hire a plumber to clean out your well or other water supply. There may be groundwater or other leaks causing contamination.

When Homes Have Bad Water Pressure

Have you noticed a drop in water pressure in your home? If your shower drops in water pressure or your bathtub doesn’t fill as quickly as it used to, then you may have a clog or leak somewhere. It’s best to hire a plumbing professional for this issue.

Water Looks Murky, Tinted, or Discolored

There could be all sorts of issues if you notice discolored, unclear water coming out of your faucet. Here are some of the reasons why you might see tinted or murky water:

High Mineral Levels

Murky water is typically caused when there are too many minerals and sediment getting into your water supply, likely due to excessive iron, manganese, and other organic materials.

Rust in Your Drainage System

If you have an older home, cast iron and lead pipes will typically contaminate your water supply with rust particles.

New Water Source

The water supply in Flint, Michigan changed and along with it came dirty, undrinkable water. Another water crisis hit Washington DC in the early 2000s. The city’s water was too contaminated to drink.

Extra Air Trapped in Your Water

This can lead to a slight discoloration. While it’s not necessarily a sign of poor quality water, you should get your water supply checked for leaks.

Upstream Pollution

Pesticides, herbicides, motor oil runoff, and other groundwater chemicals can leak into your water supply.

Do You Notice Blue-Green Water Stains?

High levels of copper in your water are causing your water fixtures to discolor and turn blue-green. Copper in water causes digestion problems, liver damage, kidney damage, and anemia, so you should test your water for copper and install a water filtration system if you notice this problem.