Kangen Leveluk JR vs Tyent EDGE 9000 Turbo Comparison Review

The best water ionizers often come down to the ability to customize the level of alkalinity in your water. When you can set the perfect pH for your water, you’re bound to get the best tasting and healing water if you have acid reflux or other gastrointestinal issues.

Both Enagic Kangen and Tyent offer customizable alkaline water, but which one offers the most easy-to-use and top-notch water ionizer for the value? We look at all of the features, capabilities, and functionality behind these top water ionizer brands.

About Kangen (Enagic)

Enagic produces Kangen water ionizers, which is their main product. The brand is based in Japan and has produced high-quality alkaline water since the 1970s. With some decent filtration capabilities and easy-to-use functionality, the Kangen water ionizers have become very popular.

However, there are some strange issues with this company as a whole. For example, Kangen water ionizers don’t have the best filtration, though they advertise high-quality filtered, alkaline water. Their customer support has also received criticism due to independent dealers that work under the Enagic brand, however, your purchase may not be covered under warranty or receive the same support if purchased from the company directly.

About Tyent USA

We’ve been studying Tyent water ionizers for some time as their machines have top-of-the-line water filtration and ionization technology. Out of all the countertop ionizers we’ve reviewed, Tyent products seem to have the highest ratings from customers due to their significantly valuable capabilities. For example, Tyent water ionizers offer multi-stage filtration and custom preset for pH levels.

Tyent is also a family-run business out of the USA. Their products are NSF certified, and their water filtration has the highest rate of purity for alkaline water. With multiple filters, these water ionizers not only produce alkaline water but great-tasting, clean results with 99.99% purity.

While Tyent also sells water ionizers through independent dealers, they have a very straightforward lifetime warranty and moneyback guarantee. Customers also have easy access to support through their online portal, and they’re quick to respond to issues, according to customer reviews.

Comparison Review: Kangen Leveluk JRIV vs Tyent EDGE 9000 Turbo

We look at both of the top countertop water ionizers from Enagic Kangen and Tyent. The Kangen Leveluk JRIV and Tyent EDGE 9000 Turbo rival each other in capabilities, but one of these stands out with more convenient, easy-to-use features and warranty protection.

Kangen Leveluk JRIV

Also called “The Energy Saver,” the Kangen Leveluk JRIV is a smaller countertop water filter with four, platinum-coated titanium electrode plates. It’s well known that to produce the highest quality alkaline water, your water ionizer must have multiple electrolysis plates. Typically, it’s best to have over 7 plates to get a higher range of pH.

We suspected that the Kangen Leveluk JRIV wouldn’t have a ton of customizable presets for acidic and alkaline water. However, part of the Kangen brand is selling the idea of “Kangen” pH which is a higher alkaline result.

However, the Kangen Leveluk JRIV is really a lower-cost option made for one or two people in a household. You won’t be able to get the best efficiency with more use from this alkalizer. This is why it’s also called the “Kangen Junior” model.

Commentary and Features

Enagic likes to market Kangen water ionizers with basic pH presets, which include “strong Kangen water,” “Kangen water,” “neutral water,” “beauty water,” and “strong acidic water.” The company tries to create the “top” settings that customers want, so you won’t get to customize your water results or see other pH levels with this model.

However, with just one press of a button on the front panel, you can get a decent-sized glass of alkaline water. Kangen water is slightly more alkaline than neutral, which is about 7.0 to 7.2 pH. Strong Kangen and regular Kangen water are much higher in pH, which is preferred to those who have gastrointestinal problems or other medication-related stomach problems, such as those who are on chemotherapy.

What We Liked

The size and ease of use in the Kangen Leveluk JRIV make it a great addition to any kitchen in need of an in-house water ionizer. If you’re not too picky about custom presets and higher pH ranges, then you won’t mind you can’t customize your pH level with the Kangen Junior.

The Electrolysis Enhancer Tank is a specialized feature to the Leveluk JRIV. This is a built-in tank that quickly changes your water to acidic or alkaline without the use of electrolysis enhancer packets. Some water ionizers sell these packets separately, which can get expensive, so it’s a super idea for Enagic to include this enhancer tank for greater alkalinity.

This machine also has automatic cleaning and smart filter technology. Not only will this ionizer remind you with a voice alert when the filters are ready to be changed, but you won’t have to worry about the interior of the machine as it self-cleans according to your settings.

What We Don’t Like

For a small water ionizer, there are some benefits for space utilization and energy efficiency. However, it doesn’t have a super high ORP range, providing only -450 mV and only five water types.

Also, the Kangen Leveluk JRIV only has one filter. That means it can’t reduce all contaminants due to the filter size and type. While it can reduce most contaminants up to 96%, we noticed that it didn’t remove all chlorine, chloramine, fluoride, lead, and arsenic. We ideally want to see at least two filters even in smaller countertop water machines to ensure proper filtration and clean drinking water.

However, even with these issues, Kangen water tastes smooth and quite refreshing, and if you like the set Kangen pH levels then you don’t need much customization.

Tyent EDGE 9000 Turbo

Tyent’s smallest countertop water ionizer that’s comparable to the Kangen Leveluk JRIV is the Tyent EDGE 9000 Turbo. However, the two are only similar in size. The EDGE 9000 has more options for acidic and alkaline customization, and the operation is slightly easier than the Kangen Junior.

The Tyent EDGE 9000 has a sleek outer body, LCD display, and jog dial to easily set the pH any time you want a glass of pure water. However, the really innovative part of this countertop water ionizer is the multi-stage filtration. You won’t find alkaline water with this level of water purity.

We tested the EDGE 9000T and found that it eliminated most contaminants by 99.99%, which included chlorine, chloramine, arsenic, lead, mercury, pesticides, cysts, bacteria, chromium, heavy metals, and much more. This is one of the reasons why Tyent always gets an NSF certification.

The EDGE 9000T is the latest release from Tyent. It includes 9 platinum-coated titanium plates, which generates a greater range for pH levels. You can customize your water to a low pH for acidic water, which includes the ability to create cleaning solutions and beauty supply cleaning water.

Commentary and Features

The design of the Tyent EDGE 9000 Turbo is more convenient and easier to use than the Kangen Junior. This is due to the new 360-degree Smart Spout that can fully move around and conveniently work whether you place the unit to the right or left of your kitchen sink.

This machine produces pH levels between 2 and 12 pH, which is incredible for the size and amount of filtration. In addition, this unit also has Hydrogen Boost Technology, producing ionized alkaline hydrogen water with higher antioxidant water than any other competitor. You won’t find this feature with Kangen products.

What We Liked

The adjustability for the Tyent EDGE 9000 Turbo is also incredible. Whether you want to set the custom pH for your water or you want to use voice controls, this is a very smart and easy-to-use water ionizer.

Finally but most importantly, this Turbo water ionizer offers dual filtration removing 200 of the most harmful contaminants, while also reducing many others by 99% on average. We’ve found that it can reduce harmful toxins in both city municipality and well water sources.

The lifetime warranty and 75-day trial period make it an easy choice for your home water ionizer. If you don’t like the unit, you can always contact Tyent customer service to get a replacement or refund depending on the malfunction or broken part.

What Could Be Better

If you want a machine that delivers lots of customization levels and filtered water, then the Tyent EDGE 9000 Turbo is a great value. However, some customers have mentioned the cost, though the general ratings are that this water ionizer has the highest quality materials and capabilities.

If you’re looking for a one-touch operation and customizable pH levels, then this water ionizer is easy to use and maintain.

How it Compares to Kangen Leveluk JRIV


The first thing you’ll notice about the Tyent is that it requires very little to set up and use. You can set the pH level with the jog dial in just a few seconds, whereas you won’t be able to do that with the Kangen Junior. This model just has five settings that you can press a button to dispense. While this seems easier, it’s also inconvenient if you don’t know what each of the pH levels means according to the Kangen menu.

For example, what’s the difference between strong Kangen water and regular Kangen water? One is slightly more alkaline than the other, which can be helpful if you are trying to prevent stomach problems and acid reflux symptoms. However, you may want a pH that’s slightly lower, and you can’t customize it using the Leveluk JRIV.

Here’s Why We Strongly Recommend Tyent Water Ionizers over Enagic Kangen Machines

We also wanted to touch on some of the recent news and supposed scams reported Enagic Kangen customers. One of the main differences between these two brands is how they handle customer complaints and service needs. Unfortunately, Enagic doesn’t offer lifetime warranties and many customers report that their systems broke soon after purchasing.

In addition, if purchased from an independent dealer for Kangen, the warranty details and support were different, even nonexistent if an older system was purchased. For these reasons, customers have reported that Enagic isn’t always a reputable company.

Finally, the premium prices for these water ionizers must much the functionality, design, and capabilities. However, Kangen Leveluk JRIV machines haven’t been updated in over five years. Many of Enagic’s products haven’t been updated in many years, yet the company charges a high price for this older technology.

It’s clear that Enagic may not be offering customer support much longer for their products. If you want to be able to fix your water ionizer if it breaks, you’ll need to find a handyman who knows this brand.

Here are some more specific comparisons based on benefits, capabilities, setup, and ease of use.

Smart Features

Both machines have smart features, but the breadth of intuitive features for Tyent is wider and more innovative than Kangen water ionizers. That’s because you’ll get self-cleaning, filter reminders, multi-language voice commands, and a customizable pH jog dial. You can see the pH level on the LCD screen as well. The Leveluk JRIV only lets you choose between five types of pH levels with only 2 of those qualifying as higher in alkalinity.

Ease of Use

Both products are easy to use, and if you don’t know how to use water ionizers, you may think that the Kangen Leveluk JRIV model is the better choice for ease of use. However, we don’t think limiting options to just five choices is necessarily easy to use. You’ll need to learn what the exact pH level is behind each of these controls. You don’t want to press the button for beauty water if looking for a glass of alkaline water to drink.

The display is also easier to read and understand on the Tyent EDGE 9000 Turbo machine. You can clearly see the ORP and pH level, as well as the flow rate and amount of water.

Easy to Set Up

Countertop water ionizers should easily connect to your water faucet. However, Tyent edges out the Kangen JRIV model here as well. This is because the Tyent EDGE 9000 Turbo has a 360-degree swiveling spout, and you can place the water ionizer on either side of the sink. For this reason, it’s much easier to set up than the fixed position of Kangen JRIV.

Excellent Product Support and Warranty

You won’t get the same warranty with Enagic Kangen. In addition, customers complained that warranties were not honored even when advertised for over one-year coverage.

Tyent offers the same lifetime warranty for all products. Their warranty does have limitations for what qualifies for replacement and parts, but if your machine suffers a malfunction or stops working, the company will reimburse or replace your water ionizer.

Water Ionizer Frequently Asked Questions

How many electrode plates are necessary for water ionization?

You typically want to see more electrode plates rather than just a few. That’s because with more plates, the range of pH becomes wider. For example, the Kangen Leveluk JRIV only has 4 electrode plates, producing five types of pH levels. The Kangen Leveluk JRII is even smaller with only 3 electrode plates. This means that the Leveluk JRII likely produces even less options for acidic and alkaline results.

However, the Tyent EDGE 9000 Turbo has 9 plates, creating a range of pH from 2 to 12. The Tyent ACE-13 and UCE-13 have 13 electrolysis plates, which provides an even greater range to customize your alkaline water.

Do all countertop water ionizers include water filters?

Most water ionizers don’t have deep water filtration, which is over 97% pure. Tyent products 99.9% pure filtered water because of multi-stage filtration. If you value having clean drinking and cooking water, as well as alkaline water, then you’ll definitely want to look for NSF-certified water ionizers with multi-stage filtration.

Do water ionizers work with all kitchen faucets?

Most water ionizers come with specifications on what faucets they work with. Some countertop filters need to be placed in the right area of your kitchen to access an outlet for electricity. Then there are models built to go on either side of the sink, with or without access to electricity. You should check the specifications of any water ionizer before purchasing it. The Tyent EDGE 9000 Turbo has a 360-degree Smart Spout design that allows you to fully rotate, allowing you to place the machine on either side of the sink. The colorful display also mimics the look of a smartphone home screen, which makes it more convenient and easy-to-use for tech-savvy customers.