Kangen Leveluk R vs Tyent EDGE 9000 Turbo Comparison Review

Have you tried a water ionizer yet? These handy water ionization systems create the best tasting water with alkaline benefits. Two of the top ionizer brands include Enagic and Tyent. We looked at their top products, including the Kangen Leveluk R and Tyent EDGE 9000.

Both of these ionizers offer amazing capabilities and great-tasting water, however one of them edges out the other on pure, clean water, in addition to alkaline properties. Here is our in-depth review and comparison of Enagic Kangen Leveluk R and Tyent EDGE 9000.

About Kangen (Enagic)

Enagic International is a leading, historic name in water ionizers. Based in Japan, Enagic started their water purification empire in the 1970s and has led global sales in ionizers thanks to its Kangen Water brand.

Kangen water ionizers have become more than a product, as many who believe in alkaline water also say that their water is “Kangen,” which means reduction. Their water ionizers offer water filtration, but it’s the alkaline and ORP capabilities that have made their Kangen machines so popular.

About Tyent USA

Tyent is a USA-based, family-owned water filtration company started by founder and president Joe Boccuti. In the beginning, Boccuti had many clients who was trying to help stop smoking and improve weight loss, and he found many of them weren’t drinking enough water. He developed a process to create filtered, alkaline water and create the first custom water ionizer.

Tyent water ionizers are extremely popular because of their multi-stage filtration and ease of use. Their latest products also offer new, smart features. With the ability to customize any glass of purified water, Tyent machines are much more than ionizers. They’re best for homes where you drink alkaline water every day, but you also want to create your own cleaning solutions, as you can customize the water’s pH.

Reviewing Enagic Kangen Leveluk R vs Tyent EDGE 9000

When we looked at the Kangen Leveluk R and Tyent EDGE 9000, there were some differences in the initial design, but they seemed like above average water filtration systems with lots of features. It seemed difficult to tell which one would provide the better experience.

However, after testing each of these water ionizers, we discovered a few capabilities that were missing from Kangen’s Leveluk R. There were also some differences in water quality.

Take a look at our review and findings about each of these water ionizers before you decide to purchase a countertop water filter and ionizer.

Kangen Leveluk R

This water ionizer has a simple design with a silver case and a small control panel. With its small, lightweight size, this countertop ionizer easily fits anywhere around your kitchen sink. It has a transformer power system with a single filter and 3 solid platinum-coated titanium plates.

Commentary and Features

Most ionizers have a long range of pH possibilities, but it’s not always necessary if you simply want a glass of alkaline water. However, if you wanted to create cleaning water for your makeup brushes or other alkaline water pH levels, the Kangen Leveluk R doesn’t provide that much customization.

There are two buttons on the control panel, including “power” and “mode.” There are 3 levels, including clean water, acidic water, and kangen water.

It’s unclear what the ORP range is, but Enagic claims that it includes ORP customization features.

The Enagic Leveluk R connects to your faucet, so you can use your kitchen to get clean drinking water or cooking water, as well as acidic cleaning water right from your tap.

What We Liked

On the outside, the Leveluk R is incredibly simple and efficient. The little ionizer sits on your countertop and hooks directly into your faucet, delivering clean drinking water with the press of a button.

It has a single filter and uses an electrolysis enhancer with three solid platinum-coated titanium plates to create ionized water.

There are only three types of pH water results, which you can select by pressing mode. Kangen water offers a pH of 8.5 to 9.5. Clean water offers a pH of 7. Acidic water has a pH of 6.0. If you’re looking for any other combinations, this isn’t the right machine for your home.

What We Don’t Like

The single filter doesn’t remove as many contaminants as we’d like. Ultimately, water filters should have at least two stages of filtration, but electrolysis plates don’t remove toxins like chlorine, lead, arsenic, chromium 6, and bacteria.

In addition, for the price, we expect a lot more options to create ionized water. It seems like this unit is considerably older and hasn’t been updated, yet the price is still the same. Despite its simple installation and ease of use, it wouldn’t be useful if looking to create a custom alkaline water.

There’s also the cost of the filter, which must be replaced every 1,500 gallons. The unit also must be manually cleaned every 3 to 6 months and requires a cleaning cartridge replacement.

Enagic Has Discontinued the Leveluk R

Tyent EDGE 9000 Turbo

Kangen products are admired for their simplicity, but so is Tyent. The Tyent Edge 9000 Turbo is a fantastic water filter and ionizer with several smart features. From the outside, the sleek and shiny design with touch screen makes it look like a water filter from the future, and it feels like that when you’re using it.

The Tyent Edge uses a dual filtration system that removes hundreds of contaminants, creating a nearly 97% pure water result. In addition, it’s super easy to set up and use for everyday alkaline water in your home.

Commentary and Features

The Tyent Edge 9000 Turbo is the latest creation from the water filtration brand. The Edge 9000 has nine solid platinum-coated titanium plates, as well as a dual filtration system. Even though the Edge 9000 Turbo doesn’t have the 13 plates of its larger countertop filters, the 9 plates do just as much of an amazing job to produce customized alkaline and acidic water results.

One of the new features is the 360-degree “Smart Spout” that can fully rotate, allowing you to conveniently use either side of your sink for placement. The best part is that operating the 9000 Turbo is a breeze. You can get pure, alkaline water on demand just by using the touch screen.

What We Liked

There are a wide variety of custom options with this Tyent Edge 9000 Turbo. For example, you can create custom water with pH ranging from 2 to 12. It also creates higher -ORP levels, making it one of the most powerful countertop water ionizers available for the price.

This water ionizer was also built with a super power management system. Using an SMPS power sully, it can reach a maximum of 8 amps and offers 55 presets to deliver multiple alkaline, acidic, neutral, and turbo water levels.

The unit also has a fixed water flow quantity button that makes it automatic to control how much water you want in your glass. This means you always get the exact water you want with very little waste.

What Could Be Better

This is truly one of the best smaller countertop water ionizers we’ve tested. Water tastes great and tests highly for removal of contaminants, including chlorine, lead, arsenic, bacteria, viruses, cysts, and heavy metals.

However, the touch screen and jog dial is a different design that can be a little challenging to use at first. You’ll need to follow instructions on how to set up your presets if you want to create custom alkaline water.

How it Compares to Kangen Leveluk R


After setting up and using both of these water ionizers, it became clear that the Enagic Leveluk R is a much less advanced design. Water tastes pure and offers a clean alkaline result, but it didn’t taste as refreshing as the result from Tyent Edge 9000 Turbo. Perhaps that’s because we wanted to test the golden pH alkaline of 7.8, which Enagic Leveluk R wasn’t able to produce as it only has 3 settings.

In addition, Tyent’s capabilities are more beneficial if looking for value. You’ll be able to create all kinds of customizations and see the level of pH right on the LCD panel. It also has the ability to change ORP, increasing antioxidants in your drinking water as well.

Lastly, one major reason we prefer Tyent is the dual filtration. You simply can taste the difference in purity between these two machines. The Leveluk R doesn’t have the same purification level as Tyent, and that is an issue if you’re looking for absolutely clean drinking water.

Product Discontinued

Here’s Why We Strongly Recommend Tyent Water Ionizers over Enagic Kangen Machines

In addition to our review, several things have come to light about the Enagic brand in the past few years. Customers have complained about the quality and design of Kangen products because they seem outdated and old, but Enagic Kangen uses a multi-level marketing method to sell high-priced water ionizers to those in need of clean, alkaline water who don’t know any better. The sales agents are often pushy and can set their own prices, leading to a lot of rip-off reports on Enagic.

Tyent has a forever guarantee and lifetime warranty on all of its products. Their products are always updated and feature the latest smart capabilities. They also provide incredible customer support.

Some of the reasons we prefer Tyent over Enagic after our review include:

Smart Features

The Tyent Edge 9000 Turbo was made to be a smart home water filtration device that sits next to your sink and creates a convenient, customized glass of clean drinking water. The touch screen and multiple presets make it easy to see what the pH level of your water is each and every time you use it.

Ease of Use

Once you have hooked up your Tyent 9000 Turbo, it’s easy to dispense your first glass of clean alkaline water. It takes only seconds to get a full glass, and it tastes so pure.

Easy to Setup

Instructions are easy to follow or you can watch Tyent setup videos to get started if needed. The Tyent Edge 9000 Turbo hooks up to your faucet on either side, and it has a swivel spout, making it easy to fill up your glass no matter where you stand.

Excellent Product Support and Warranty

Finally, one of the best features of Tyent products is the lifetime warranty. If you purchase through an authorized Tyent dealer, your machine is covered for parts and replacement should you ever need one. There’s also a 75-day trial, which means you can get your money back quickly if you don’t like the product.