Kangen Leveluk SD501 vs Tyent ACE-13 vs Tyent UCE-13 Plus Comparison Review

Water ionizers offer magnificent benefits if you want alkaline water at home. The top machines currently known for their features include Kangen Leveluk SD501, Tyent ACE-13, and Tyent UCE-13.

For years, Enagic and Tyent have competed for dominance in the water filtration and ionization market. However, one of these brands recently updated all of their machines and warranties, leading to more positive experiences for customers.

About Kangen (Enagic)

Since the 1970s, Enagic has been one of the top water ionizer companies in the world. With headquarters in Japan, Enagic started the Kangen water ionizer line to sell a custom pH level to customers looking for pure, alkaline water.

Their Kangen water ionizers are known worldwide for being simple to use and effective for alkaline water. The Kangen Water SD501 is their top water ionizer. It’s a reliable, effective alkalizer that provides several levels of pH.

Some customers report issues with Enagic’s customer service and warranties, stating that the company doesn’t always honor their agreements when you purchase through independent dealers.

About Tyent USA

The family-owned and operated USA brand Tyent started after the company’s CEO and founder wanted a custom solution for his clients who were looking to optimize their health and wellness. Alkaline water offers a number of benefits, which Tyent saw after creating one of the first water ionizers with more electrolysis plates.

The Tyent ACE-13 and UCE-13 are both highly-rated water ionizers, but the ACE-13 is the top countertop water ionizer while the UCE-13 is a smart, top-rated under-sink water ionizer. Tyent offers lifetime warranties and customer support for all of their products.

Best Water Ionizers: Kangen Water SD501 vs Tyent ACE-13 vs Tyent UCE-13 Plus

Now that you know a little bit more about these brands, it’s time to take a closer look at all of the top water ionizers from Enagic and Tyent. We’ve selected the most highly reviewed and sought after Enagic product, known as the Kangen Leveluk SD501 to go up against another countertop water filter by Tyent.

The ACE-13 is a powerful countertop water ionizer that offers several ways to customize your water’s pH. If you’re looking for the perfect alkaline level and multi-stage filtration, Tyent offers two incredible water ionizers. The UCE-13 is an under-sink filter and water ionizer that can hide under your cabinet so you don’t have to worry about changing your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Leveluk SD501 Platinum

Kangen Leveluk SD501 Platinum

The Kangen Water SD501 is the top water ionizer from Enagic. With 7 platinum-coated plates, this alkalizer comes with a built-in electrolysis chamber and large LCD touch screen. It uses smart voice prompts and touch controls to help users get the best alkaline water.

This is known as their “ultimate home use model,” and ideally, you would use the Kangen Leveluk SD501 at home by your kitchen sink. It’s lightweight and easy to set up, but when you’ll be a little disappointed if you want to create your own custom water due to the limitations of its controls.

After a water test and some exploration, we found the Kangen Water SD501 to have some issues but overall, it’s a decent home water ionizer.

Commentary and Features

One thing that Enagic does well is simplicity. The Kangen Leveluk SD501 Platinum offers straightforward controls to get consistently great alkaline water. The Platinum model is considered new, but many of the features are the same. The model mainly received an appearance update with a stainless steel, sleek casing.

The Kangen Leveluk SD501 offers 7 electrode plates and generates 5 water types. With its touch screen, users select one of five modes, which includes neutral water, kangen and strong kangen. The other two modes are for acidic water types, such as beauty water.

With a very simple operation, you’re able to get decently filtered, alkaline water. You’ll also get voice reminders, and you have five different voice languages to choose from.

What We Liked

The Leveluk SD501 Platinum offers one-step filtration. The filter comes with the unit, but you’ll need to replace these typically every six months. Enagic’s Kangen Leveluk SD501 is upgraded with smart filter technology that notifies you when a filter is ready to be replaced.

Even though it only has one-step filtration, the filter is able to reduce over a hundred contaminants, leading to about 96% purity. Water tastes clean and fresh, and the settings for alkalinity mean you’ll get 7 to 11.5 pH alkaline drinking water.

With LCD panel and voice prompts, this unit is pretty innovative. There are 7 titanium electrode plates, which means it can quickly turn tap taper into kangen water. The flow rate and delivery are superb in this elegantly designed water ionizer.

What We Don’t Like

We have to point out that the Kangen Leveluk SD501 has a premium price tag, but for that price, you can’t even select your custom pH. The controls on many other water ionizers like the Tyent ACE-13 and Tyent UCE 13 have customizable presets, letting you choose the exact pH between low and high pH levels.

There’s also room for improvement with filtration. Many competitors offer multi-stage filtration, such as the Tyent ACE-13 countertop water ionizer. With only one filter, you’ll need to replace it more often, but the real problem is that you’re paying a lot for low filtration. What’s the point if you want to heal your body through alkaline water?

Tyent ACE-13

Tyent ACE-13 Water Ionizer

Tyent offers some major benefits just because of their guaranteed high-quality features, which include a lifetime warranty and money back guarantee. It’s also top-rated by customers, leading the water ionizer market.

When Tyent released the ACE-13, customers noted the multi-stage filtration and easy-to-use LCD touch menu. The steel frame design is sleek and sophisticated, but this unit offers some upgraded features including a hydrogen boost feature to increase antioxidation.

The ACE-13 is so powerful that not only does it include 13 electrode plates, but inside you’ll find two filters for 99.9% pure drinking water. That’s an incredible value.

Commentary and Features

The Tyent ACE-13 was designed to fit right in with a high-end kitchen. The stainless steel and black design partners well with a digital LCD touch-screen. This is one area where Tyent excels because you can completely customize the LCD display.

The ACE-13 countertop water ionizer has 13 platinum-coated titanium electrode plates, which delivers a high pH range. You can get customized pH levels from 1.7 to 12 pH. The other great feature in this unit is the customizable presets, allowing you to set any number of pH levels for the perfect acidic or alkaline water.

With 99.9% purity, Tyent water tastes exceptionally smooth and clean. The alkalinity makes it easy to drink, and whether you like slightly less or intense alkalinity, you can get any type of alkaline water with this water ionizer and filter.

The 360-degree spin spout and flexible water outlet tube are easy to operate. It takes seconds to plug in the water ionizer and start drinking fresh, alkaline water. It’s also motion-activated, which means that you can operate it hands-free.

What We Liked

The Tyent ACE-13 offers multi-stage filtration and an easy operation, but this water ionizer is also quite space-saving and sleek. It’s easy to fit on any countertop. The 4-inch touch screen display and jog k perfectly together to select the very specific pH you want.

However, the best part about this water ionizer is the filtration. Tyent ACE-13 removes over 200 contaminants, including lead, chlorine, chloramine, chromium, bacteria, cysts, arsenic, and VOCs.

Tyent water also tastes incredibly pure. With a fast flow rate and motion sensor controls, it’s simply more convenient than any other countertop water ionizer or water filter. It’s incredible that Tyent has combined alkalinity and acidity customization with multi-stage filtration as well. This means that you’ll always have clean, fresh water.

What Could Be Better

The jog dial is a little bit different and may take a second to get used to, but we found it actually makes it easier to select the exact pH within a .1 range.

Additionally, the warranty doesn’t offer coverage to owners outside of North America.

How Tyent ACE-13 compares to the Leveluk SD501 Platinum

Tyent ACE-13 Water Ionizer


Kangen Leveluk SD501 Platinum

The main differences between the Kangen Leveluk SD501 and Tyent ACE-13 include filtration steps, purity level, warranty coverage, and customization options.

Even though we appreciate the Kangen water ionizer’s simplicity, you really don’t have to stick to only five water types. With the ability to customize your pH level with the Tyent ACE-13 and save your presets, you’ll be able to get the exact alkaline or acidic level in under a second.

Tyent also has higher filtration and 99.9% purity. In addition to motion sensors and voice prompts, the ACE-13 is just more advanced than the Kangen Leveluk SD501.

Tyent UCE-13 Plus

Tyent UCE-13 Plus Water Ionizer

So what if you want the ACE-13’s smart capabilities and filtration within a more aesthetic package? You can opt for the Tyent UCE-13, which is an under-sink water ionizer that includes multi-stage filtration and 13 solid/mesh hybrid, titanium electrode plates.

For an under-sink water ionizer, we look at ease of installation and ease of use. The UCE-13 offers a faucet with an LCD touch screen. It includes the ability to adjust the acidity and alkalinity quickly or save your custom presets for one-touch dispensing.

Commentary and Features

The ACE-13 and UCE-13 are very similar. However, if you have a very sleek, minimal kitchen or you simply don’t want to look at the water ionizer, then you can place the UCE-13 under your sink. It’s easy to connect to your faucet and start filtering your water for a pure alkaline result within a few minutes.

The dual 0.1 micron filtration ensures that hundreds of toxins will be removed from your water. Tyent’s ionization process ensures that contaminants like chlorine, chloramine, chromium, lead, and VOCs are removed from the final result.

The UCE-13 also comes with a hydrogen booster and can drastically reduce ORP for higher antioxidants.

However, the coolest part about this model is the faucet and operation through the digital interface. There’s also a jog dial at the top to quickly select the perfect alkalinity or acidity. The rest of the unit goes under the sink.

What We Liked

This water ionizer is just smart. The UCE-13 offers several innovative features that no other water ionizer has on the market. In addition to dual filtration, the UCE-13 has an automatic memory function, where the last function used by the user is automatically saved and displayed on standby. So if you like having the exact same alkaline water with one touch, you can just dispense on the fly.

The UCE-13 also has a temperature sensor function, which means that if the water exceeds any level over 95 Fahrenheit degrees, then the unit automatically shuts off and displays a warning. This ensures against malfunction and poor water quality.

The filter usage indicators speak in five different languages and alert you to win the filter needs to be replaced automatically. You’ll always have the purest results with this water ionizer.

What Could Be Better

The only drawback to the under-sink filter and water ionizer is the installation. If you’re not familiar with plumbing and water lines, this may seem difficult at first. However, Tyent offers detailed instructions and videos to help with installation.

How Tyent UCE-13 Plus compares to the Leveluk SD501 Platinum

Tyent UCE-13 Plus Water Ionizer


Kangen Leveluk SD501 Platinum

With high filtration and on-touch operation water dispenser, the UCE-13 is very innovative. The Enagic Leveluk SD501 doesn’t really compare with the filtration and customization options. You’ll get far more presets and touch screen options with the Tyent UCE-13. It’s also just more fun to use thanks to the smartphone design on the dispenser.

Here’s Why We Strongly Recommend Tyent Water Ionizers over Enagic Kangen Machines

Enagic Kangen water ionizers are high-quality, but there are some things about this brand that didn’t measure up. When looking at customer reviews and also seeing questions on troubleshooting the Leveluk SD501, we noticed that customers weren’t find quick answers to obvious factory defects that should be covered by a warranty.

Even though Kangen water ionizers have five-year warranties, many customers bought from independent dealers that promised coverage but the devices weren’t actually covered.

Additionally, the same features and capabilities continue to be the same for Enagic Kangen devices as well. Although the Leveluk SD501 Platinum was updated in design, it’s still the same technology for a higher price tag.

The lack of Enagic customer support is also concerning. Many customers needed parts or replacement options but weren’t able to get a response from their customer service team. We found it difficult to contact Enagic through phone and email. Our questions took more than a week for a response.

Smart Features

There are some smart features in Kangen’s products, such as the touch screen controls and filter reminders. However, that technology is quite old. Brands like Tyent are moving towards hands-free motion sensor operation and customized presets.

Ease of Use

You should be able to walk up to your sink and tap the water ionizer menu to instantly get alkaline water or acidic water. It should take less than a second to start dispensing. That’s not the case with Kangen water. The machines are quite noisy and it pauses after you press one of the five set water types.

Easy to Setup

You also want a unit that you can plug in and start using right away. Countertop water filters are known for their lightweight construction and plug-in style. This is one area that Kangen gets right, but it doesn’t have the same value as the ability to set up custom menus and controls like with Tyent water ionizers.

Excellent Product Support and Warranty

You should always have access to customer support and get your money back if your water ionizer isn’t working properly. Due to the cost, all brands should do a lifetime warranty like Tyent. Sadly we’ve found that this company is the only one to truly offer lifetime warranty coverage and a satisfaction guarantee.

Water Ionizer Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Kangen water and alkaline water?

Kangen water is a type of alkaline water defined by Enagic. It’s what they call higher levels of alkaline water, and this preset is included with all of their kangen machines. Depending on the level of electrode plates, Enagic Kangen machines deliver normal kangen and strong kangen levels.

The Kangen SD501 offers strong kangen water that delivers 11.5 pH, which is the most alkaline water.

Are countertop water ionizers better than under sink water ionizers?

This is really the user’s preference and what you want on your kitchen counters. If you have a lot of stainless steel appliances, such as toaster ovens and coffee makers, then you may not mind a countertop water ionizer. These are very convenient with digital displays and one-touch controls. It also requires zero installation. You simply plug it in and hook up to your faucet to get filtered alkaline water.

The under sink water ionizer is more difficult to set up at first if you’re not familiar with water lines for your kitchen faucet. However, it’s more aesthetically pleasing to have the water ionizer unit underneath the kitchen sink.

Are water ionizers worth the money?

If you have any type of gastrointestinal problem, such as acid reflux disease, then alkaline water offers incredible health benefits. However, not all water ionizers are made equally. It’s important to check the features and look at how the water ionizer filters water before purchasing.

For example, the SD501 Platinum is a high-end water ionizer, but it doesn’t have any of the newer features in the Tyent ACE-13 or UCE-13 models.

Some of the features that add the most value include multi-stage filtration, motion sensor controls, touch screen menus, and customizable presets. Of all features, you should look for a water ionizer that can change pH levels and filter out most contaminants. Multi-stage filtration means that your water goes through more than one filtration block. Tyent water ionizers have dual filtration. Other water ionizers have very little filtration at all because they focus on having more electrode plates.

Does more electrode plates equal higher filtration?

The number of electrode plates directly relates to the quality of alkalinity and higher pH range. If you want a water ionizer that can customize your acidity and alkalinity levels, then you’ll look for one with more electrode plates. For example, Kangen Water SD501 has 9 electrode plates, delivering five water types. The Tyent ACE-13 and UCE-13 models both have 13 electrode plates and can customize pH levels from 2.0 pH up to 11.5+ pH.

Is Enagic a scam company?

Some customers have purchased products and reported defects, only to find they were not covered by the warranty as promised by an independent dealer. Enagic has set up their company to use independent distributors, which operate outside of the company on their own. This means that some promises in customer support and warranty may not always match what Enagic offers through direct purchase.