Kangen Leveluk Super 501 vs Tyent Alkaline H2 Comparison Review

Is it healthier to drink ionized or alkaline water? Some experts say so. Many companies like Enagic and Tyent sell ionizers, which are water filtration machines that you can use to filter and ionize drinking water so that it’s alkaline.

Alkaline water offers a variety of health benefits, particularly if you suffer from gastrointestinal problems or have a compromised immune system. In this review, we look at two of the most popular ionizers: Enagic’s Kangen Leveluk Super 501 and the Tyent H2 Hybrid Water Ionizer.

In our review, we tested both machines to discover which one offers the best-tasting, alkaline water, as well as other features, cost, and filter life.

About Kangen (Enagic)

Enagic International is a water ionization brand that was founded in 1972. With headquarters in Japan, the company has developed electrolytically-reduced and hydrogen-rich water for decades. With a mission rooted in providing pure, healthy drinking water, their Kangen ionizer machines are available in most countries.

About Tyent USA

Tyent is a USA-based water filtration and ionizer machine company. Founder and President Joe Boccuti started the brand after he started a program to help people lose weight and stop smoking. He saw the benefits of drinking alkaline water with his clients and wanted to create a custom-built alkaline water ionizer machine that would provide incredibly pure drinking water while also being easy to use.

Kangen Leveluk SUPER 501 vs Tyent H2 Hybrid Ionizer

When studying these two ionizers, we looked at technical specifications such as smart technology and flow rate, as well as different water specifications. Many ionizers can change the acidity and alkalinity of the water to exact specifications, allowing users to create perfectly pure drinking water or even strong acidic water for disinfecting and cleaning.

We also looked at customer support, ease of use, and warranties under both brands. Here is our in-depth comparison of Enagic Kangen Leveluk vs Tyent H2 Hybrid.

Kangen Leveluk SUPER 501

Kangen Leveluk Super 501

The Kangen Leveluk Super 501 is a very advanced ionizer with multiple filtration and ionization properties. You can generate up to 5 different types of filtered water on demand with their countertop machine. It’s also got a user-friendly control panel and various ways to customize your alkaline water machine.

Commentary and Features

The Leveluk includes 7 platinum titanium plates to filter and ionize your water. It comes with an ionized electrolysis system and flow rate detector. This ranges from 0.3 to 2 GPM, depending on what setting you choose for output.

Overall, the Kangen Leveluk is easy to use, but it’s not a very aesthetically pleasing design. You’ll like this ionizer if you want something simple that offers a variety of custom pH settings.

What We Liked

There are five water types you can automatically create with the Kangen Leveluk. For instance, there’s a clean drinking water mode that produces the optimal alkaline water, but if you selected beauty, you’ll receive a more acidic solution used for cleaning and sterilizing makeup brushes.

A total of 7 electrode plates are included with a max ORP range of -850mv. The pH range is quite broad, going from extremely acidic 2.5 pH to very alkaline 11.5 pH. You can expect 7.6 liters per minute with this machine.

Some of the contaminants are removed from water, but it isn’t like a multi-stage dedicated water filtration system. Instead, the ionizer uses anti-bacterial activated charcoal and sulfurous acidic calcium. This effectively reduces most contaminants and removes 95% of chlorine found in tap water.

The ORP or oxidation-reduction potential is able to reach -850, which allows for more antioxidants in your water. The machine comes with a label to let you know the pH of each possible water type. For example, neutral clean water has a pH of 7, but higher alkaline Kangen water has a pH of 8.5 to 9.5 pH.

What We Don’t Like

Overall, the Kangen Leveluk has a number of great features, but there are some things that don’t work quite right or just seem flimsy.

There are five types of water, and the label should help you select which alkaline you want, but the features have different names on the machine.

This is pretty confusing to the user, and you want to be careful not to select a non-drinking water type if you want to cook or drink water.

Tyent H2 Hybrid Ionizer

Tyent Alkaline H2 Water Ionizer

Many water filtration aficionados swear by Tyent alkaline water filtration devices. The H2 Hybrid ionizer offers both filtration and smart features. It’s also one of the only countertop ionizers to have extreme filtration, eliminating 99.9% of all contaminants from drinking water.

Commentary and Features

The Tyent H2 Hybrid is a sleek countertop water ionizer and filter that delivers great-tasting, pure water with a hydrogen generator feature and Twin Cell technology. The ionizer has an electrolysis chamber alongside of a hydrogen cell to deliver pure, alkaline water, as well as antioxidants.

One of the best features of this water filter is that it can reduce contaminants down to just 0.01 micron. There are a variety of settings, whether you want to create deliciously clean drinking water or acidic water for cleaning purposes.

What We Liked

Tyent created the H2 Hybrid to offer the most commonly requested features from those demanding alkaline water. Customers wanted clean drinking water with the option for higher or lower alkaline settings.

Many ionizers don’t have the same filtration level as the Tyent, especially not in a convenient countertop machine like the H2 Hybrid. However, this latest model includes both a carbon filter and TM-Ceramic filter to reduce most contaminants, including chlorine, lead, and bacteria.

The unit delivers a pH range from very acidic 3.0 pH to above average alkaline 10+ pH. With a max oxidation reduction potential of -1050 mV, the Tyent H2 Hybrid is made for creating safe, drinking water, as well as disinfectant and cleaning water with acidic settings.

These pre-settings are easy to control using the touch screen pad, but you can also set up your own presets. In addition, the ionizer is easy to set up out of the box. There are also 50 different settings you can create, and the machine uses a voice concierge to let you know when water is dispensing or when the filters must be changed.

Tyent H2 Hybrid comes with a lifetime warranty as well.

What Could Be Better

In comparison to other models, there aren’t any real negatives to purchasing the Tyent. It’s perfect for someone who wants pure alkaline drinking water on demand, and it’s very easy to use. Out of all the countertop ionizers we’ve reviewed, Tyent always comes out on top because of its dual filtration and alkaline combination settings.

If anything, the unit could be considered a bit complicated if you tried to set up all 50 power settings. In addition, you’ll need to replace the filters once per year, depending on how often the unit is used.

How Tyent H2 Hybrid Compares to Leveluk SUPER 501

Tyent Alkaline H2 Water Ionizer


Kangen Leveluk Super 501

There are a few things that both of these ionizer machines get right. You want a machine that can produce multiple types of water, whether alkaline or acidic. After all, the whole point is that you can customize the level of pH and ORP in your water.

However, you also want really clean water, especially if using for drinking and cooking. This is where Tyent really shines. While the Kangen Leveluk offers some filtration, it doesn’t offer true multi-stage filtration like the H2 Hybrid. You may not want to use Kangen if you know that you have a well system with bacteria and sediment, whereas Tyent’s filters can remove these particles and contaminants for 99.9% clean water.

There’s also an issue with ease of use and features. Tyent offers way more convenience and the ability to customize the alkaline level so that you can see the setting right in the LCD panel. Kangen is still behind on this and offers a low-tech button panel that doesn’t really help you if you hit the wrong button. You’ll have to follow the printed label on what settings have what pH on a Kangen, which is really inconvenient.

Finally, Tyent offers more support because it’s based in the US and has a lifetime warranty. You only get a 5-year limited warranty with the Kangen unit.

Here’s Why We Strongly Recommend Tyent Water Ionizers over Enagic Kangen Machines

On the outside looking in, you may think that Kangen and Tyent are two of the same, but they are actually quite different. For one, Enagic often tries to upsell its features and reliability, when customers report issues and poor value for the cost of the Kangen Leveluk. When we looked at customer satisfaction ratings, Tyent Water was the obvious winner.

Enagic also has the reputation of being a direct sales multi-level marketing company, making their money often by selling units in bulk to distributors. However, many of their products haven’t been updated in almost 10 years.

Smart Features

The Kangen Leveluk feels like an older model, which is probably because the same design and features have been on the market for years. Tyent has a newer design and LCD touch panel with automatic shutoff and other safety features.

Ease of Use

If you’re looking for an ionizer that you can use right out of the box, Tyent H2 Hybrid is the perfect choice. You simply plug it in and pour in water, select a water type, and see the alkaline level and flow rate right on the LCD screen. Water is filtered and purified before ever reaching your glass.

Easy Setup

Both machines are pretty easy to set up, though you may to read the instructions before using any of the buttons on the Kangen unit. These settings don’t automatically give you the alkaline level, so you wouldn’t want to press anything but “clean water” if you are looking for drinking water.

Tyent has several alkaline options, depending on whether you want pure drinking water or if you want a higher alkaline water.

Excellent Product Support and Warranty

Tyent also offers the best support and warranty currently with a lifetime warranty that covers parts and replacement of your machine if it should ever break.

Water Ionizer Frequently Asked Questions

If shopping for a high-quality water ionizer, there are a few things that you should consider first. Here is a look at some of the most popular questions that consumers have about water ionization, alkaline water, and “Kangen water.”

How does a under counter water ionizer work?

The under sink water ionizer is a standalone machine that filters tap water through electrode plates using a process of electrolysis. The filtration process may remove some contaminants, but the main purpose is to change the level of pH.

Ionizers can reduce acidity and produce very high alkaline water, which is beneficial for those who have gastrointestinal problems, such as acid reflux disease.

What are the best features to look for in water ionizers?

You should look for a water ionizer that is top-of-the-line. These water ionizers will have:

  •  Multiple electrode plates or ionizer plates
  •  Multi-stage filtration system
  •  Certifications for water filtration
  •  Multiple pH water types
  •  Hydrogen water functionality for optimal ORP

Is Kangen a type of alkaline water?

Many consumers get confused about Kangen water, as it has been used to describe very alkaline water types by Enagic. Kangen water only refers to the model’s name under Enagic.

Kangen water machines are able to create alkaline water, as well as acidic water. They’re very expensive and may not produce the high-quality results of other machines, such as the Tyent H2 Hybrid.

Are water ionizer pitchers just like water ionizer machines?

While a pitcher-based alkaline water filter can produce clean drinking water, you won’t really know the pH level of your drinking water unless you test it. With products like the Tyent H2 Hybrid, you can actually customize and see the level of pH of the dispensed water.

It’s also less expensive to use an ionizer over time because you don’t have to replace the filter as often. You’ll also have a higher filtration rate, creating more purified results. Some ionizers can reduce contaminants by 99.9 percent.

Do all water ionizers also filter water?

In most cases, water ionizers include one-step filtration with an activated carbon filter or ceramic filter. These filters can reduce up to 95% of contaminants. In other cases, you’ll find models that have multi-stage filtration in addition to an ionizer. This is the ideal ionizer to go with because you’ll always pure water with very little contaminants.