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Tyent Water Ionizer Review (Do NOT Buy Before Reading)

Smart Summary: Tyent Water Ionizer

Tyent Water Ionizers are alkaline water machines that raise pH levels by using electrolysis. They separate water into acidic and alkaline components, changing the structure of the liquid until the pH is much higher. Multiple studies suggest regular consumption provides multiple health benefits.

Have you read of the benefits of water ionizers and want to try Tyent water ionizers? These are popular water filters with a number of benefits for those who want alkaline water at home. However, which Tyent water ionizers are the best?

Many alkaline seekers love the Tyent brand because of their multi-stage filtration, certifications, and guaranteed purity. This Tyent water review guide compares the most popular models according to customer satisfaction and number of purchases.

About Tyent

As more of his clients needed help with their wellness goals, Joe Boccuti started to research alkaline water and its health benefits. As the founder and president of Tyent, Boccuti saw that alkaline water helped his clients get rid of bad habits and lead healthier lives.

The brand has been innovative in water filtration and water ionization, creating top-of-the-line alkalizers like the Tyent H2 Hybrid, Tyent ACE-13, Tyent UCE-13 Plus, and Tyent EDGE 9000.

Creating innovative countertop and under sink water ionizers are Tyent’s specialty. While it’s difficult to find in-depth Tyent water ionizer reviews that talk about all of the features, our articles always focus on the water quality, as we want to see multi-stage filtration as the top feature in any device.

Dual water filtration is a common trait of all Tyent water ionizer products. You may see it in other competitors, but most of the popular ionizers on the market only have one-step filtration. This doesn’t filter out nearly as many toxins and contaminants, and they may not be able to filter out down to the 0.5 micron level either.

Additionally, the Tyent water ionizer has more electrolysis plates than many of its competitors. For instance, the ACE-13 offers 13 platinum-coated titanium solid mesh plates. This means that you’ll get higher ranges of pH for very acidic or very alkaline water.

Customers like Tyent water ionizers for their sleek designs, multi-stage water filtration, smart features, water efficiency, and ease of use. We’ll review each of their top products below to show you an in-depth look at what we like and don’t like about these highly rated water ionizers.

Smart Features and Ease of Use

Tyent products typically have multiple features. Unlike competitors, the build quality is masterful and unique. These are sturdy water filters with LCD displays and touch screens that make it easy to select the pH and alkaline level. This ensures that you always get the results you want.

In addition, products like the Tyent H2 Hybrid and Tyent ACE-13 allow you to program the level of pH you’d like. This is helpful if you like a certain level of alkalinity, such as the perfect 7.8 pH or even a low pH for acidic cleaning water. This works best for cleaning makeup brushes and other beauty supplies.

Easy Setup/Installation

If you’ve set up an under sink filter or whole home filter, then you know some plumbing work is helpful to getting started. However, you don’t have to do that with most Tyent water ionizer products. This is because they are countertop water filters that simply plug in to get started.

Have you ever read some of the installation instructions for high-end water filters? You could spend hours installing water lines and second faucets into your kitchen. However, Tyent countertop water ionizers are very easy to install. In fact, you rarely have to do anything else but place your device and plug in to a nearby outlet to start.

Excellent Product Support, Reliability, and Warranty

You should always check any product you buy, especially the Rettin water ionizer, for their product support policies. You want to be able to reach customer service any time you have a problem with your device. For Tyent water machine help, you can contact their customer support online or by phone.

Tyent is also known for their lifetime warranty. This is one of the best reasons to purchase a Tyent water ionizer. You know that the product is highly reliable, but if not, there is a customer support line. If you need product support, you can contact Tyent to get help quickly. It’s very rare to find any competitor with the same product support or lifetime warranty.

If you compare warranties with other competitors, you’ll quickly find that most of these countertop water ionizers only come with a limited one-year warranty. That’s not enough time to really ascertain the quality of a top-notch water ionizer. However, many machines will break after the warranty time period is up.

Tyent UCE-13 Plus

If you’re looking for a more aesthetically pleasing installation with a separate faucet, then go with this water ionizer from Tyent. The UCE-13 Plus is incredibly smart with a motion proximity function that dispenses automatically when you wave your hand in front of it.

This is also one of the easiest water ionizers to set up and get started. It simply plugs into your kitchen faucet, and you can select the alkaline pH level right from the touch screen. There’s an easy guide on the LCD that shows you how to control and run your device.

With dual filtration, the UCE-13 Plus is also another powerful water ionizer that can reduce toxins by 99.9% just like the Tyent ACE-13 water ionizer. The result is exceptional alkaline water that soothes your stomach while also being free of any toxins, such as chlorine, chloramine, VOCs, bacteria, heavy metals, lead, arsenic, and cysts.

What We Liked

The faucet is incredible intuitive with its own menu to quickly deliver the pH level that you want. You can also completely customize this LCD screen on your water faucet so that it only has the options you want. The motion proximity sensor also helps you instantly get drinking or cooking water that’s alkaline when you need it.

With the eco mode setting, you can improve the water efficiency rate, and there’s also a time display setting. With automatic cleaning, your unit is also properly maintained so you don’t have to worry about cleaning the inside.

Filter life is about 6 months. These are easy to replace with the twist method listed in the instructions. If you have any issues with your Tyent UCE-13 Plus, you can replace your product or get it repaired with the lifetime warranty.

What Could Be Better

This ionizer sits on top of your counter but also has a separate faucet. Some customers feel like this is too much space to take up on top of your kitchen counter. However, the sleek steel casing can easily be moved to a corner if you just want the smart faucet at your sink.

Tyent H2 Hybrid

The latest product to receive praise from this brand is the Tyent H2 Hybrid with multi-stage filtration and a 99.9% filtration rating for thousands of contaminants. In fact, the H2 Hybrid can reduce or remove most toxins. It’s also a self-cleaning unit with a modern LCD touch-screen that makes it easy to customize and select the exact pH level for your water.

You really can’t go wrong with this water ionizer. It’s exceptionally well-made with the highest-grade filters and top-notch electrolysis plates with platinum coated titanium solid mesh designs. You’ll get the highest range of pH from this incredible countertop water ionizer.

This is a hybrid ionizer and water filter that you rarely see. Because of its multi-stage filtration, this product is quite unique and offers cleaner alkaline water than its competitors. The H2 Hybrid also contains a hydrogen water generator to increase the antioxidants in your water as well.

Commentary and Features

The distinguishing feature of the Tyent H2 Hybrid is the Twin Cell Technology. This is completely new for the water ionizer and filtration market. With Twin Cell, the Tyent H2 Hybrid has an electrolysis chamber and hydrogen cell. This creates dual filtration and reduces contaminants down to 0.01 micron.

In addition, the Tyent H2 Hybrid is one of the only filter and ionizer combination devices to offer alkaline and acidic water pre-settings. You can program a number of custom pH settings and select them from the touch screen LCD.

This water ionizer has an intuitive touchscreen and multi-color backlight. It includes a molecular hydrogen boost for more antioxidants in your water, and if you’re looking for multi-language support, this water ionizer actually speaks in multiple languages, including the filter replacement reminders.

What We Liked

With any water ionizer or filtration device, we look at the water purity and what kind of contaminants are removed from the water. In the Tyent H2 Hybrid, we found that the dual filtration removes 99.9% of all contaminants, including some of the worst offenders like chlorine, fluoride, chloramine, lead, chromium, arsenic, VOCs, cysts, bacteria, and heavy metals.

The stainless steel design also just makes it easier to clean and maintain. You don’t have to worry about the components rusting or eroding over time either, as it has a self-cleaning function.

There are multiple alkaline and acidic levels, as well as customization options. You can change the pH from 3.0 to 10.0+ as well as the max oxidation reduction potential (ORP), which goes to -1050 mV.

The exterior design of the Tyent H2 Hybrid is very simple and sleek. It will look appropriate in any kitchen with stainless steel or black and white appliances, but it’s also compact and discreet so you can place anywhere around your kitchen faucet.

What Could Be Better

One of the fundamental things that you’ll find with any water filter is replacement time and cost. There is a slight issue with the Tyent H2 Hybrid and the replacement water filters. These typically last from 6 months to a year with daily use in a small household.

Customers report that the filters may need to be replaced if you have larger household with 3 or 4 members using the water ionizer regularly. You’ll need to replace the filters through Tyent, which some customers have said is a little costly. However, these filters offer high-quality, compact filtration for a countertop water ionizer so the value is worth it.

Tyent ACE-13

The Tyent ACE-13 is a top-notch water ionizer that can remove most contaminants over 0.5 to 5 micron. The carbon block filter also cleans the water so well, you’ll only be able to taste smooth, pure water. It doesn’t require any chemicals to clean your water either. For those reasons, it’s consistently been one of the best countertop water ionizers on the market.

The Tyent H2 Hybrid offers a 2-in-1 feature with hydrogen water filtration. However, if you’re only looking alkaline water, then the Tyent ACE-13 is more your flow. This water ionizer is often called the best on the market due to its water purity, reliability, and ease of use. In fact, it was rated the water ionizer of the year in 2020.

One of the main features of this system is that it can remove almost all contaminants, ranging from .05 to 5 microns in size. This means you don’t have to worry about drinking dirty water, as Tyent includes multi-stage filtration in the ACE-13 as well.

In fact, the ACE-13 can remove all sediment, rust, chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, lead, and hundreds of other toxins thanks to the strength of its filters. In addition, Tyent updates its models regularly to include new features.

Commentary and Features

Tyent wanted to build a water ionizer that was equipped with a touch screen and looked like a smartphone display, in addition to providing top-of-the-line dual filtration and electrolysis plates. Together with the controls, the Tyent ACE-13 is the first and last water ionizer that most people ever buy.

The touch screen comes with three acidic levels, three alkaline levels, and turbo modes. These are just the standard presets. Users can customize alkaline and acidic presets to whatever they wish. This means that if you want to create 7.6 or 8.7 or 9.2 alkaline water, you can create all of these levels and more.

The ACE-13 also has a quantity selector so you don’t have to stand there and wait for water to be dispensed. You simply select the amount of water you want to filter and place your glass beneath the spout. It will auto-fill your glass quickly.

Since the ACE-13 has motion sensors, you can stop the flow of water with just a wave of your hand. This is a hands-free flow sensor that responds to motion, which makes it perfect for office breakrooms if you want pure water. The filtration device also has a 360-degree water dispenser, which means you don’t have to choose what side of the kitchen sink to install. You can pick either one.

Additionally, the Tyent ACE-13 offers very high levels of negative ORP. If you want the most antioxidants in your water, this alkaline water machine makes it possible to customize even this aspect of your water.

What We Liked

This ionizer has just been updated by Tyent to include a touch screen display. As a countertop water ionizer, it’s also very easy to set up and get started. You don’t have to spend more than a few minutes setting it up before you get fresh, clean alkaline water right in your drinking glass.

In addition, this countertop ionizer includes a water quality selection feature and motion proximity sensor. You don’t have to wait very long to activate and start filling up your glass with delicious alkaline water.

However, there are acidic and alkaline pH settings. This is perfect for those households that want to create their own beauty supply cleaning water or other acidic cleaning agents. Of course, the main purpose is to create your own custom glass of alkaline water, these features are important in a countertop water ionizer that can do it all.

The ACE-13 also has 13 platinum located titanium solid mesh hybrid plates. It includes a 7th generation SMP plus power source for reliable electricity to run the filter and ionizer every day as well.

You’ll be able to create water with a pH range between 1.7and 12.0, as well as a max ORP of -1050 mV. It includes a lifetime warranty and 75-day trial period. You can return the unit at any point during this time and receive a full refund.

The Tyent ACE-13 has a flood prevention sensor as well. With eco mode on, you can save energy, and there’s a way to program it for self-cleaning every day so you never have to worry about your system rusting out or growing mold. It’s made from steel anyway.

What Could Be Better

We really like that the Tyent H2 Hybrid has a hydrogen water generator. It’s worth the additional cost, but the ACE-13 is just as good without it for alkaline water. In addition, the warranty doesn’t work for international customers. That’s mainly due to shipping costs for overseas customers.

If you are an international customer, you’ll want to switch over manually to a dip switch, which means that it will be placed inside of the unit. Otherwise, you’ll get a device that can work with 220 volts instead.

The design is also a little chunkier than the Tyent H2 Hybrid, but it’s easy to fit this ionizer on most kitchen countertops and under cabinets.

Tyent EDGE 9000

Tyent recently came out with an all new design for its compact Tyent EDGE 9000 Turbo. This is one of the exclusive new products featuring a jog dial for hydrogen generation, which increases the antioxidants in your water.

Commentary and Features

As a water ionizer, the Tyent EDGE 9000 Turbo has all of the cutting edge features you’re looking for, such as customizable pH settings, LCD touch screen, and -ORP levels. With dual filtration, you can instantly get the best alkaline water using the colorful touch screen, making it easy to wake up and get pure water

The Edge 9000 Turbo also had Hydrogen Boost Technology allowing for higher molecular hydrogen levels. Customers have said that this improves the quality of the water but also leads to greater hydration. This is perfect for any athletes in your home.

The Edge 9000 also has 9 platinum-coated titanium plates with a solid/mesh hybrid build. This means that you can create pH levels between 2.0 and 12.0, as well as better ORP levels.

What We Liked

There are 55 available presets with the Tyent Edge 9000 Turbo. This means that you can create a different settings for all alkaline levels, as well as acidic water in case you want to create beauty supply cleaner or other cleaning agents.

Of course, you’ll likely be using the Edge 9000 to create high-grade alkaline water that tastes pure and smooth. Tyent includes dual filtration with this model as well, completely removing 200 of the worst contaminants. It also comes with a filter usage indicator that reminds you when you need to change the filter.

Overall, everything is super adjustable and customizable with the Tyent Edge 9000. It’s the perfect smart faucet for those who want filtered, customized, alkaline water at any time. You can also count on the quality of this water ionizer due to its lifetime warranty and product support.

What Could Be Better

The display and jog dial aren’t as easy to use on the unit as with the ACE-13. However, the LCD touch screen on the actual faucet is fun to use. It makes you feel like you’re a water tender dispensing the freshest alkaline water right into your glass.

Did You Know: Water Ionizers With These 3 Smart Features Receive 92.5% of Five-Star Reviews

Water ionizers have proven that they work for individuals with gastrointestinal problems, high blood pressure, cancer, and even higher needs of hydration. Everyone from athletes to IBS sufferers use alkaline water for its incredible gastrointestinal benefits. However, some water ionizers include other features to create even healthier water.

These water ionizers have some of the top features that you want in a high-grade product that continuously delivers excellent-tasting, pure, alkaline water. Top features we look for in this Tyent review included multi-stage filtration, pH range, oxidation reduction potential, electrolysis plate quality, ease of use, and overall taste.

These features below are typically found in the top water ionizers, including:

High Alkaline Water pH Range

The pH scale ranges from 1 all the way over 14 pH. You don’t want to consume water that’s too alkaline or acidic, however. That’s why having a range between 2.0 and 12.0 like the Tyent brand is optimal. You’re able to create customized alkaline or acidic levels for any application, but you can also quickly access a preset for a pH of 7.8 for a perfectly alkaline result.

Drinking high alkaline water is important for those who suffer from acid reflux, stomach disorders, and high blood pressure. Many studies have proven that alkaline water can reduce the symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders. However, even athletes swear by drinking alkaline water to reduce lactic acid and gain higher hydration during training. This is why so many gyms have started placing water ionizers in their locker rooms because it’s the easiest way to get the best hydration.

High Number of Electrolysis Plates

To achieve higher ranges of pH, you ideally want more than 9 electrolysis plates. Some think this is overkill, but if you want to customize your pH levels and have more presets like with Tyent water machines, then you’ll want high-end, platinum-coated electrolysis plates.

Electrolysis plates are necessary to produce low pH for acidic cleaning water as well as highly alkaline water. While you shouldn’t necessarily drink alkaline water over level 10.0 pH as it can cause nausea, you may want to start drinking water with a pH between 7.5 and 8.5 regularly if suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol.

High Oxidation Reduction Potential

Did you know that alkaline water also has to have the right minerals and oxidation reduction potential (ORP)? In fact, alkaline water can’t just have any ORP. It should be negative ORP. We like to see levels over -1000 mV, but that’s not always available with some of the lower-end models.

You’ll find that Tyent has a maximum negative ORP of -1050 mV, which is exceptionally high and ensures that the water will act as an antioxidant. Many studies have shown that drinking alkaline water with a higher ORP and alkaline pH of 8.8 can deactivate pepsin, which is the problematic enzyme that causes acid reflux.

Difference Between Tyent Rettin Water Ionizer and Competitors

Tyent USA also has another name for their products under the name Tyent Rettin water ionizer. If you see this brand name, it’s just another identifier for the brand. These products have the same features as the products reviewed above.

Some of the features that set these products apart in our Tyent water review include:

Hydrogen Water Generators

This may seem silly if you don’t know what hydrogen-packed water tastes and feels like in your body, but it started as a trend amongst athletes that has led to more individuals purchasing a hydrogen water machine in addition to water ionizers. Not all ionizers also offer hydrogen water, but the Tyent water ionizer typically comes with this feature.

Filtered mineral water only goes so far. There are more benefits that Tyent water ionizer models also include. For example, hydrogen generator models also add more antioxidants. Tyent has stated this can be transforming for your health, particularly if you’re in training or you want to support your immune system.

99.9% Filtration Factors

The Tyent water ionizer is unique in its ability to filter out some of the most dangerous contaminants. In our Tyent water ionizers review, we always look at the type of filtration and how many contaminants are also removed from water, whether you have city municipality water supplies or a well water home.

The Tyent water ionizer filters out over 200 contaminants, which includes chlorine, lead, chloramine, chromium, bacteria, viruses, VOCs, cysts, arsenic, mercury, heavy metals, pesticides, and many other chemicals. This aspect sets Tyent water ionizer products a part, especially because competitors don’t offer multi-stage filtration.

Power and Electrolysis Plates

The next point to check when buying any Tyent water ionizer is the power level and number of plates. Power output must be higher in order to provide sufficient ionization and produce greater negative ORP. This increases antioxidant output in your water.

With Tyent Rettin water ionizer products, you’ll see negative ORP levels using the touch screen. All of the models with this feature display it prominently with a press of a button.

The electrolysis plates are also extremely high quality in Tyent water machines. These are made from titanium and coated in platinum multiple times for the ultimate quality. This is why these machines hardly ever break down even though they can quickly alkalize water to higher or lower pH levels. You’ll get a greater range just by using Tyent water ionizer products.

Faster Flow Rates

Tyent is actually an award-winning company. One of the reasons for this is the fast flow rate. It’s 40% faster than the closest competitors. You can check the GPM or gallons per minute flow rate with any of the products. You ideally want 0.5 GPM or higher. It’s difficult to get this level with a countertop water ionizer.

See What Tyent Customers Are Saying About Their Water Ionizers

The Tyent line of water ionizers proves that you can engineer high-end water filtration with alkalizers to get perfectly alkaline water at home. In our research, we wanted to see if customers agreed and what their experience was with these products after a few months or years of use.

Many customer reviews mentioned the health benefits of using Tyent water ionizers. Some customers report that it’s as beneficial for their skin as it is their gastrointestinal health. Part of that is because alkaline water can help you regulate your body’s pH. Other households wanted alkaline water for its pain relief and immune support, especially for households with members who have cancer.

With a Tyent water machine, customers are able to produce all alkaline levels, whether you want to start at a slightly higher level or go up to a high pH of 8.8. Most customers reported that the water tasted exceptionally delicious and smooth, as most alkaline water does.

In addition to the quality of the water, customers say that Tyent offers a very easy to use and reliable product. These water ionizers simply plug in and start working right out of the box. The countertop water ionizers offer the most benefits because they’re so easy to use. Most of them also have touch screen panels and customizable pH levels, which means you can select your preset and get exactly the pH you select.

One question we saw in many customer FAQs areas was whether these machines really worked. Tyent water ionizers are made to work flawlessly or your money back. That’s part of their quality is the promise from the company that any units not working will be replaced under the lifetime warranty. This is not true of all competitors, but it is a unique feature to the Tyent brand.

Customers commented a few times where they received a “lemon” or had broken parts due to shipping. These customers reported that it was easy to get a replacement after contacting Tyent customer support, which was responsive. There are hardly any complaints when it comes to product support and customer service.

Overall, customers have reported that Tyent’s water ionizers are top-of-the-line and consistently high quality, delivering delicious alkaline water right in your home.

Which Tyent Water Ionizer is Best for You?

Most customers would be happy with any of the Tyent water ionizer models. For those who are looking for all features, including a high pH range and hydrogen booster, then you’ll want the Tyent H2 Hybrid . This product combines everything, including higher filtration and more electrode plates in one package.

For those who want to save some money and still want a higher level of filtration, the Tyent ACE-13 also offers exceptional results. You’ll get great-tasting water, and you can program your device to have multiple custom alkaline presets. This is a great idea when you have multiple people in your household that want to try higher and lower levels of alkalinity.

In other cases, the Tyent EDGE 9000 Turbo and UCE-13 Plus offer more benefits. The Tyent EDGE 9000T is a simpler version of the high-end models. You’ll get high-quality filtration and alkaline water results without spending the same amount of money. However, we really like the UCE-13 Plus’ smart features for the faucet. It’s just fun and convenient to use for all kinds of alkaline water combinations.

With moneyback guarantees and trial periods, you can try any of these water ionizers to see their quality in person. If you want to return any of the products, just talk to customer support and return for a full refund during the 75-day trial period.