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Tyent ACE-11 Water Ionizer Review

Water filters have become necessary household items due to the increase in water contaminants across the United States. There are several reports of lead, arsenic, Chromium 6, and over 200 other contaminants that have popped up on water tests. We think it’s important for you to learn about which water filters offer the highest filtration and alkaline benefits, like this Tyent water ionizer.

The Tyent ACE 11 is a high-grade water alkalizer that turns every day tap water into purified, filtered, alkaline water. Actually, there are 99 settings, but this is the main purpose and the reason why we wanted to review this water filter specifically.

We’ll go through all the features and design of this water filter, as well as some of the benefits that we immediately recognized after using the Tyent water ionizer for the first time.

Look For These 3 Features When Comparing Water Ionizers

Many people think of the bulky water filters that have multiple tanks and faucets, but that’s not the Tyent ACE 11. This is a small countertop appliance that comes with 11 electrolysis plates, offering a high range of alkaline, hydrogen-rich water.

Once installed in your home, you won’t ever want to switch back to your old tap water. Filtered results from the Tyent ACE 11 just taste better, cleaner, and purer than any other tap water we’ve tried.

Here’s why:

High Alkaline Water pH Range

The Tyent ACE 11 has a long range of settings. Whereas many of the older water ionizers on the market only have a few settings, you can set the Tyent Ace 11 Turbo water ionizer to 99 different levels of acidity and alkalinity. You can go from 1.7 pH for acidic cleaning solutions all the way up to 11 pH for highly alkaline solutions.

However, you’ll likely stick to a range of 7.1 to 9 pH for drinking alkaline water, which is the main purpose of the Tyent ACE 11. The brand wanted to create a convenient appliance that can go right next to your water faucet without taking up too much room.

With a press of the LCD screen, you can instantly create custom alkaline solutions. Need something with high pH to zap your acid reflux? You can create 8+ pH level with this device. Best of all, it also comes with multi-stage filtration that removes over 200 contaminants.

High Number of Electrolysis Plates

The Tyent ACE 11 comes with 11 platinum-coated, titanium plates. These are extra-large 7-inch electrolysis plates that are powered by its own motor. This allows you to experiment and create all kinds of different water combinations for the exact pH you want.

These are solid mesh hybrid medical-grade plates that are dipped multiple times in platinum. This is how the Tyent ACE 11 is able to create all kinds of alkaline settings. For example, you can create 4 alkaline, 3 acidic, 1 turbo, and 1 neutral water type right out of the box. There are 99 other presets that you can set in case you want more or less alkalinity.

High Oxidation Reduction Potential

Additionally, you can create up to -1050 negative ORP levels. This is an important part of water ionization as you want to include more antioxidants, which helps with blood flow and healing your digestive system. Studies have shown that negative ORP water vastly improves your digestion, but it also makes it easier for your body to absorb nutrients.

Tyent ACE-11 Counter Top Water Ionizer Review

The Tyent ACE 11 came out before the Tyent ACE 13. It’s extremely high-powered and produces a highly filtered result that offers more health benefits than your average glass of water. We found that the Tyent ACE 11 has an increased flow rate and wastes 40% less water than any other water filter or ionizer that we’ve tested.

Furthermore, the Tyent ACE 11 is just built to be indestructible. You can set it up above your sink, placed right on the counter top, and it’s small enough that it doesn’t take up a huge amount of room.

The 11 electrolysis plates are amazing, but we also like that the Tyent water ionizer comes with multi-stage filtration, including activated carbon filters. Between the 11 electrolysis plates, high-powered ionization, and dual filtration process, we were excited to drink our first glass of filtered water.

The results were just as we thought. Delicious and refreshing with that smooth alkaline taste. It’s incredibly pure and easy on your stomach. If you have gastrointestinal issues, drinking just one glass of highly alkaline water with the Tyent ACE 11 can resolve those issues. We recommend a pH of 8 or higher for this reason.

What We Liked

You can customize each glass of water with the Tyent ACE 11. There are several presets already loaded on the LCD touch screen, but you can also create 99 other settings depending on what you’ll need.

Some other features we liked included the automatic self-cleaning function, automatic shut off, easy filter replacement design, and 4-phase alkaline water adjustment. It’s quite easy to install, setup, and drink your first glass of alkaline water.

We thought that this water ionizer would be like others we’ve tested that had a water efficiency problem. However, there was hardly any waste water, and the flow was super quick. As soon as you select the type of alkaline water you want, it starts to dispense.

In comparison to other Tyent water ionizer designs, this one is just as easy to use. Made from steel, it’s still lightweight and easily fits anywhere on top of your counter.

Finally, Tyent ACE 11 comes with a lifetime warranty and a great customer support line. If you have any issues with your Tyent water ionizer, you can instantly contact their support and get a replacement.

What We Don’t Like

We did learn through our testing that it takes a while to set up the presets. You have to know exactly what type of alkalinity you want, and when combining with hydrogen generators, you can create endless combinations. This can get a bit tedious, so just add custom presets as you need them.

The lifetime warranty is also not valid outside of the United States. International customers should check that they are covered with the warranty before purchasing.

Should You Get a Tyent Water Ionizer?

After reviewing hundreds of water filtration devices and ionizers, we have found that Tyent ACE 11 truly delivers an exceptional glass of purified, highly alkaline water. We’re not sure if we’ll use the other pH levels, though you can go from 1.7 pH to as high as 12 pH.

We like that you can create your own alkaline water to suit the needs of your body. Perhaps you want to drink a higher alkaline water because of stomach and gastrointestinal problems, but in other cases, you can use the settings to create acidic cleaning solutions or hydrogen-rich water, which is said to have more antioxidants. We’ve found that the negative ORP adjustable levels provide significant benefits, especially if you have any kind of acid reflux problems. We think if you are currently buying alkaline water in bottled form every day, you can save a ton of time and money just by owning your own water ionizer.

5 Benefits Of Purified Alkaline Water

Does alkaline water really work? We’re firm believers that it does help with all kinds of gastrointestinal issues, including GERD and Crohn’s disease. From our personal experience, drinking alkaline water was a discovery that finally relieved gastrointestinal pain, indigestion, and acid reflux with just a few sips. We know that it works, but several studies have also proven these benefits.

Here are a few ways that studies have proven alkaline does have health benefits.

1. Reduces Pepsin

If you have acid reflux and other gastrointestinal problems, you probably have taken any number of H2 blockers, like Pepcid AC. However, you may not need to do that as much if you switch to alkaline water. A 2012 study proved that drinking alkaline water with a pH of 8.8 can deactivate pepsin, which is the main enzyme that creates acid reflux flare-ups.

Additionally, if you have issues with stomach and digestion tract inflammation, drinking alkaline water can provide instant relief. This is especially useful for those who suffer from IBS and Crohn’s problems.

2. Higher Hydration

Athletes started drinking higher alkaline water in the locker room because they noticed how it made them more energized and supported their immune systems.

In truth, studies have found that alkaline water has detoxifying properties that can remove toxins from your bloodstream, while improving skin health and hydration levels.

3. Higher Blood Viscosity

One study found that drinking alkaline water increases your whole blood viscosity, which is the measure of how efficiently your blood flows through your body’s vessels. If you consume a higher pH water, then you can deliver oxygen more efficiently throughout your body.

It also may be the reason that cancer patients prefer alkaline water. Not only does it settle the stomach, but it can resist cancer cells and improve colon-cleansing. For chemotherapy patients, drinking alkaline water can be life-saving. Due to its cancer resistant properties, alkaline water has been shown to strengthen your blood cells and starve cancer cells.

While more research is necessary within cancer patients, it’s safe to say that cancer patients simply feel better drinking higher alkaline water than a regular glass of tap water. It can help with appetite, weight improvement, and energy.

4. Reduces High Blood Pressure

A number of drinkers have found that alkaline water helps with digestion but also blood pressure problems. You probably have already changed your diet and started high blood pressure medication, but what if alkaline water could drastically reduce it for you? One study found that alkaline water with a pH of at least 7.5 or higher can reduce high blood pressure in some patients.

5. Other Health Benefits

Multiple studies have also found that drinking alkaline water improves symptoms from diabetes and high cholesterol. It can also help with weight loss and provides anti-aging properties.

While research is still in its foundational stage, there are many indicators that alkaline water vastly improves antioxidants in your bloodstream, making it the perfect go-to after a workout.