Water Softener Review (Do NOT Buy Before Reading)

Have you ever heard of “hard water”? It’s a problem for many households in areas where the water contains 60 milligrams of dissolved magnesium and calcium. However, areas with super hard water have up to 180 milligrams. If you experience dry, flaking skin, stained dishes, and unclean laundry, then you likely have hard water problems. All of that can be cleared up with the best water softener.

If you’re wondering how to soften water in your home, it’s possible with some of the latest water softeners on the market. We have explored many of the latest systems, reviewing for water softener cost, reliability, purity, efficiency, customer satisfaction, and warranty coverage.

How Does A Water Softener Work?

Have you ever felt like your skin just itches and flakes for no reason at all? Do you constantly have issues with water spots? Is your laundry coming out so hard that you have to dump a whole container of liquid softener into the washing machine?

You probably have hard water.

Never fear, water softeners are here to fix that issue through a process called ion exchange. This removes the magnesium, calcium, iron, and sometimes other minerals from the water. This results in the water “softening.” The benefits of water softeners typically include the removal of calcium, reducing scaling, better tasting water, and improvements to household items such as cleaner dishes and laundry.

Once installed, water flows into the mineral tank, moving through a bed of resin beads. These are made from polystyrene. Many are charged with sodium ions, which causes salt insertion into your water. However, the resin beads are anions, which means that they negatively charge the water in order to remove hard minerals. This is because calcium and magnesium are cations, which are positively charged.

The negative charge of the minerals attracts the charge of the resin beads, creating a reaction and removing the hard minerals from the water. Now softened water flows through your faucet.

Benefits of Water Softener

While it may seem strange to think that your water has been inferior this whole time, you may not have even realized that you need a stronger moisturizer and your dishes never seem to come out clean in the dishwasher either. The benefits of water softening can truly be seen after you install a system. You may start to notice how different your skin feels after the best water softeners filter out all the minerals causing issues.

  • Softer, smooth skin
  • Clean, dandruff-free hair (yes, hard water truly causes dry skin and scalp)
  • Cleaner and shinier dishes, silverware, and glasses
  • Softer, cleaner clothes that don’t come out hardened by minerals in the water
  • No need to rewash clothes and dishes, so utility savings as well

What Types of Water Softeners are Available?

• Salt Water Softener and Filter Combination (Convenient 2-in-1 Setup)
• Salt-Free Water Softener and Filter Combination (Significant Operating Cost Savings)
• Traditional Water Softeners (Uses Brine Tank and Salt)

There are unique benefits to each type of water softener. Traditional salt-based water softeners excel at reducing water hardness and tend to cost less than alternative salt-free water softeners. Since traditional water softeners add salt to the water, it can lead to issues for people who have problems with sodium, such as high blood pressure and those suffering from heart disease. Those choosing salt-free softeners (water conditioners) will still experience reduced scale buildup in their shower and provide brighter clothes overall.

If you have issues with salt and don’t mind the additional expense, it’s best to with a counter-current or salt-free water softener. These offer the most filtration and have no side effects due to salt abundance.

What’s included within a water softener?

There are a few components to look for in a good water softener, including:
• Mineral tank
• Control valve
• Brine tank

Other water softeners may be hybrids that filter out other toxins in addition to hard mineral deposits. When considering the benefits of water softeners in comparison to simple filters, you’ll notice that some filtration systems only create better drinking water, while water softeners can improve the overall quality of water whether it’s your drinking water or bathing water.

What Size Water Softener Do I Need?

You definitely want to install a water softener at the point of entry for your water supply. This is where water first enters your pipes. This means that you should calculate how much water you use in a day.

One of the most important factors is looking at the time length between regenerations. This is the process when the minerals attract each other in ion exchange to remove the hard minerals. Regeneration needs to happen once every three days, but not more than two nights in a row.

In addition, size is measured in grains. This is the capacity of a typical water softener system. The amount of grains in hard water is the capacity of a water softener for your home. With a higher grain capacity, the water softener can handle more hard water in higher quantities, which works best for a whole home or office.

To calculate this, think about it this way:
• A family of four would need a 7-day cycle regenerating softener for a typical hard water problem, which means that the size necessary is over 25,000 grains.

For those with additional iron or larger quantities of hard minerals in your water, then you should shoot for a higher capacity water softener to ensure effective performance.

How Much Does A Water Softener Cost?

The cost of a water softener depends on the size and capabilities. Some water softeners are available for smaller households and won’t be as expensive as a full, whole house softener with filtration system made for over 6 bathrooms.

However, you also want to consider the monthly cost and filter maintenance. Some systems have built-in filters that clean themselves, saving you on cost every year.

In addition to initial upfront costs and maintenance needs, you also have to think about energy savings and efficiency when looking at different systems. Some manufacturers create the most efficiency, energy-savings water filtration systems so that you don’t have to spend more to get pure water.

Salt Water Softener and Filter Combo

With their ease of installation and low maintenance, salt water softeners with filters offer a great alternative to other water treatment systems. Whether you have well water or a city municipal water system, many households struggle with the effects of hard water. With scale buildup and clogged water lines, salt water softening systems have amazing benefits for your home.

When combined with a filter, these softeners also remove contaminants. We’ll provide reviews of the top water softener filter combination systems below and share which products offer the best water treatment benefits for your home.

Pentair Whole House Carbon & Softening Combo System


The Pentair PAC Series offers a whole house carbon water softening combo system that incorporates a dual-tank system. For homes with 1 to 3 bathrooms, this whole house water softener filter system is the perfect size. This system is capable of removing most chemicals and other contaminants from your water, including chlorine and sediment.

The carbon filtration system is capable of removing 99% of all chlorine, reducing harmful effects of these chemicals. This is helpful if you have issues with foul odors and poor tasting water.

As a water softener, Pentair Whole House Carbon & Softening System brings softened water to all of your faucets and showers. The biggest benefit you’ll see is the change in your hair, skin, nails, and clothes. However, it’s also beneficial for your home. This whole home water softener will also prevent hard water scale buildup.

What We Like

For homes with poor water quality and hard water, whole home water softener systems are extremely important. That’s why Pentair created the whole house carbon water softening combo system. With a filter and water softener, your home is protected against contaminants and hard water.

This system has a multi-step filtration system with a prefilter to remove sediment. This is a 5-micron prefilter that removes debris and sediment before passing through other filters. It also uses an electronic system for simple programming. The system is built to regenerate and save on water.

From our tests, we found the system is able to remove over 97% of contaminants. We also liked the construction and overall design of this system. Sturdy and seemingly indestructible, the Pentair whole house carbon and softening combo system comes with a singular rotary disc seal for a longer product life and doesn’t require as much maintenance.

One of the coolest features of this particular system is its remote monitoring and low-salt level alerts, which come with the Pentair Home app. You’ll always know that your water softener and filter are working, and you can see if salt levels are running low. However, you likely won’t have to as these systems are built to maintain themselves for many years.

What Could Be Better

As a salt water softener, this Pentair system has all of the latest features and includes a water filtration system. Typically whole home softeners are installed separately, which can be costly. However, one issue with salt water softeners is the additional salt content. If you have issues with salt intake due to health issues, you may want to consider a saltless system (see below reviews).

SpringWell Water Filter and Salt-Based Water Softener System


If you read enough water softener reviews, you’ll come across the SpringWell Water Filter and Salt-Based Water Softener System. It’s one of the popular water softening systems with a high rating. It also is known for its multi-step filtration system.

SpringWell uses an ion exchange method to remove hard water, eliminating limescale and even removing existing scale in fixtures and pipes. This system also has some more advanced features, including Bluetooth control to check the system status and monitor salt levels.

With its durable, built-to-last frame and tanks, the Springwell whole home water softener includes a high-quality, polypropylene tank, which holds the softening resin.

Overall, we tested SpringWell’s water softener system and found that it delivers water efficiency, high-performance filtration, and high-quality exchange softeners.

What We Like

The flow of water is excellent with the SpringWell water filter and salt-based water softener system. It operates with a water flow rate between 11 and 13 gallons per minute (GPM). In comparison, the average water softener only has between a 7 and 10 GPM flow rate. This means that with SpringWell, you won’t experience a drop in water pressure, even when running multiple appliances that use water.

The system works perfectly to bring softened, filtered water to each of your faucets, showers, and water appliances. You also have full control over the system with smart Bluetooth features that allow you to set your own backwash timings and check the system status from your phone.

In terms of filtration and water quality, we noticed a marked difference after using this whole house water softener. Not only were all foul odors and poor tastes removed, we noted that water was over 97% pure. All hard water was also removed.

Finally, installation was a breeze. It comes with a DIY installation kit. If there are any issues, the system is also covered by a limited lifetime warranty and six-month money back guarantee.

What Could Be Better

While we’re experienced with installing these systems, you may want to hire a professional handyman if you’re not familiar with your home’s water system. These systems also don’t work with homes that have water pressure of 80 PSI or higher.

Salt-Free Softener and Filter Combo

Salt-free softeners are becoming more popular because they don’t require any additional salt content to be added to water. One difference between salt-based and salt-free softeners is maintenance.

By contrast, salt-based water softeners do require maintenance. However, it would be false to say that these systems don’t require any maintenance. Routine care with salt-free systems with filters still require you to change out the sediment filter at least once per year, for example.

Saltless water softeners also do not trap any contaminants like salt-based systems, so you don’t need any electricity to run it. You’ll see lower costs in utility bills because of this design.

Here are our picks for salt-free water softeners below with a full review of features, pros, and cons.

Crystal Quest Eagle Whole House Water Filter (Salt-Free Softener Add-On)


The Crystal Quest Eagle Whole House Water Filter with Salt-Free Softener Add-On offers excellent water softening and filtration for small to medium-zed homes. With several filtration stages, the Crystal Quest whole home water softener can soften your water while also eliminating over 97% of all contaminants, including chlorine.

With eight stages of filtration, this whole house water softener also comes with a salt-free add-on. This means that it won’t add any salt to your water or use electricity to soften your home’s water. Instead, it will use anti-scale media, which neutralizes minerals. This allows water to flow freely through your home without ever sticking to your skin, hair, pipes, dishes, and clothes.

What We Like

One of the best features of this system is the salt-free softener and filtration combination. This system works with both city and well water homes, and it has a high flow rate.

With several stages of filtration, water passes through a sediment filter, GAC media, and carbon filters. It’s a highly efficient water filter that reduces harmful contaminants by over 97%, and it comes with a filtration stage specifically designed to remove VOCs, pesticides, insecticides, and industrial solvents.

The system is easy to install and comes with a wall bracket for easy mounting and organization. We also liked how lightweight it was, and the cartridges were easy to access for fast replacements.

Finally, Crystal Quest built this compact system with an 80,000-gallon capacity. However, there are multiple sizes to match what your home needs.

What Could Be Better

While we didn’t notice a drop in pressure, the flow rate was slightly slower than other systems we’ve reviewed. We found that this system has a maximum of 5 GPM flow rate. Salt-free softeners sometimes have lower flow rates because they don’t require any electricity.

However, it also depends on the system you purchase. If you want a higher flow rate from the Crystal Quest line, then go with the Eagle 1000-FG, which provides a 9 GPM flow rate.

Pelican Water Softener Alternative & Filter Combination System


If you want the power of Pentair and a salt-free water softening system, then the Pelican Water Softener Alternative and Filter Combo system is the best option. This system also comes with a UV filter, which is perfect for homes with well water.

While the Pelican water softener is not a commercial water softener, small to medium-sizes homes and offices can use this system to remove hard water and filter out over 97% of contaminants. It reduces chemicals like chlorine, but with multi-step filtration, it can also remove bacteria, viruses, VOCs, pesticides, and many other toxins.

In our test, we really liked how well the premium UV disinfection system worked to eliminate other contaminants from well water, including a 99.99% reduction of E.coli. As a salt-free softener, you also won’t have as much maintenance or issues with higher salt content in your water.

What We Like

The Pelican salt-free softener filtration combination system has zero water waste and a stainless steel design. Pentair is known for creating highly durable, easy maintenance systems that simply work well for many years.

It comes with a 5 micron prefilter system, catalytic granular activated carbon media filter (GAC), and a copper and zinc oxidation media. These filters combine to provide extremely pure, clean water that simply tastes smooth and fresh without any salt added.

With multiple sizes, you can also customize these systems to work with your home. We were happy to see that the flow rate is still over 10 GPM with this salt-free add-on, in comparison to the salt-based Pelican water softener.

This whole home water softener also comes with handy smart tools, including a phone app to help you monitor the system and a UV intensity monitor.

What Could Be Better

Salt-free systems are known to work well, but many argue that salt-based water softeners remove hard water more than saltless systems. In this case, we really think the Pelican does an amazing job at removing hard water and preventing any buildup. We didn’t see a dramatic difference between the salt-based and salt-free versions. This system would be a better choice for homes with well water and who don’t want to add salt content to their water supply.

Salt Water Softener

While there is some water filtration in a traditional softener, these systems are mainly designed to remove hard water and nothing else. If you don’t have many contaminants in your water or you use another water filtration system, then a salt water softener is a great way to remove all hard water from your home. These systems are designed to improve the quality of water by removing all hard water minerals, leading to less limescale build-up.

While some of these salt water softeners may have single to dual filtration, these systems are miracle workers if you experience dry skin, brittle hair, spots on your dishes, and other hard water problems. We highly suggest picking one of the following whole home water softener systems if you’re looking for high-quality water treatment and low water waste.

Eagle Whole House Water Softener with Pre/Post Filtration


For homes with hard water, calcium and magnesium minerals can be hard to remove. However, the Crystal Quest Eagle whole house water softener system is the perfect choice to completely eliminate hard water from your home, and it comes with some simple water filtration to remove contaminants.

While this system doesn’t have eight stages of filtration, you’ll still get three stages of filtration, including a sediment filter, ion exchange mineral tank and water condition, and a carbon filter to remove VOCs, pesticides, insecticides, and industrial solvents.

What We Like

Crystal Quest is known for designing whole home water softeners that do more than just remove hard water. Their softeners do a particularly great job at eliminating all hard water from every water fixture and appliance, delivering clean, soft water that won’t harm your skin, hair, nails, clothes, and pipes.

This system comes with a 48,000-gallon capacity and 11 GPM flow rate. You can also upgrade to the larger size for a 60,000-gallon capacity and 13 GPM flow rate. This is extremely efficient and fast for a system of this size. In our testing, we found that the Eagle whole house water filter delivered water quickly to every faucet and shower with no drop in water pressure.

Additionally, you can add on a UV water sterilizer if you’d like more protection against bacteria and viruses, which are more common in homes with well water systems. Other add-ons include a leak detector smart valve and an oxidation system.

In addition, all models come with a warranty and satisfaction guarantee. If you experience any trouble with this system, we found their customer service to be extremely helpful.

What Could Be Better

Whether you have well water or city water, this system offers excellent filtration, though it’s not as comprehensive as the salt-free Eagle system reviewed above. Still, you’ll see over 95% reduction in contaminants, including chlorine.

SoftPro® Smart Home + Softener System with DROP® Technology


The SoftPro Smart Home whole house water softener is extremely efficient and comes with two models, including one for well water homes and another for city water. They come with a soft water brine tank, mineral tank, LCD touch screen monitor, leak detection, and smart phone app.

While it works with homes, the SoftPro Smart home could be commercial water softener thanks to its professional-grade water softener system. In addition, it comes with a leak monitoring system that automatically senses leaks and shuts off to prevent water damage.

What We Like

Everything about the SoftPro is designed to be smart and innovative for today’s homes. If you have hard water in your home, not only will this system quickly remove it, but it also comes with a smart remote water management system. You can monitor your water usage over time and also adjust settings for salt conversion.

We also noted that this system is extremely efficient and saves up to 30% more water thanks to its design using the Vortech distribution tank system. You don’t have to worry about monitoring the system manually with the smart phone app, which allows you to control the system from anywhere.

The DROP salt sensor also notifies you when you need to add more salt before it runs out, which ensures that you always have soft water for your home. While the system doesn’t come with multi-step filtration, you can add on several filters if you’re looking for higher water quality.

What Could Be Better

Some parts of installation were a little tricky, so you may want to use a professional installer. Additionally, you’ll have to add on filters for a higher cost. Options include a whole house chlorine filter and a reverse osmosis alkalizing filter.

SpringWell Water Salt-Based Water Softener System


If you’re looking for a very reliable, lightweight water softener, then look no further than the SpringWell salt-based water softener system. This is a traditional whole house water softener that uses an ion exchange system. It prevents hard water scale and build-up. However, the major benefit is the improvement to your home’s water.

We found that this system removed all hard water with hardly any water waste. One of the main things we check is water pressure and flow rate, and SpringWell offers 11 GPM flow rate. This works for smaller homes, but you may want to upgrade in size if you have more than 4 bathrooms to get 13-20 GPM.

What We Like

SpringWell has built an incredibly efficient, fast traditional water softener that truly works without sacrificing water efficiency. It’s easy to install, and you can control the entire system with your smartphone.

This water softener is highly efficient and was designed to minimize the amount of salt necessary to remove hard water. Some competitors require more than a 40-lb bag of salt every month to maintain the system, but you won’t need that with SpringWell’s traditional whole home water softener.

These systems also come with Bluetooth to monitor your water usage and automatically regenerate, which cleans the resin beads of hardness and resets them with added sodium. The Bluetooth Connected Series head on these systems makes it easy.

What Could Be Better

When you compare this system to other water softeners, you’ll want to check that the water pressure or PSI of your home is compatible. Fortunately, SpringWell has designed this system to work with most homes and offices, so you shouldn’t have an issue.

If you are unfamiliar with your home’s water system, you’ll want to watch the video on installing this system as it can be a little tricky.

Salt-Free Water Softener

This section includes our top picks for all salt-free water softeners without filters. While most of these systems come with add-ons, these models were made specifically to efficiently remove hard water without adding salt. It uses a different process than brining and ion exchange. The major benefit of these systems is that it reduces hard water in your home without increasing water waste or requiring electricity to operate.

Crystal Quest Saltless Water Conditioner


We’ve reviewed hundreds of softeners and filters, and we’ve found that some of the best systems are simply built better because of their design. While Crystal Quest doesn’t have a ton of smart features, it’s extremely efficient and easy to install. It also comes with four stages of water filtration, including a .2-micron ultrafiltration membrane. This can reduce all bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms contaminating your water.

With anti-scale media, Crystal Quest’s saltless water softener can prevent hard water efficiently. You also don’t have to use salt, and we found that it had zero water waste in comparison to other systems.

What We Like

Saltless water softeners are designed with anti-scale media. It doesn’t require any backwashing or salt level monitoring either. You simply install the system, and it starts working to filter out hard water throughout your home. What makes this system different is that it also has built-in filtration.

With four stages of filtration, you’re getting over 97% clean water, and we liked that Crystal Quest includes a sediment filter, carbon cartridge, and .2-micron ultrafiltration membrane. This means that it works well for both city and well water homes.

It’s also one of the better systems we tested for flow rate. At 12 GPM, you won’t experience any drop in pressure throughout your home’s faucets, showers, and appliances.

The lightweight compact design makes it easy to install, and it comes with a warranty. If you want even more filtration, you can also add a UV water sterilizer. This is a great option for well water homes.

What Could Be Better

While we didn’t have any issues contacting customer service, it was a little difficult to understand the terms of the warranty. We suggest that you contact Crystal Quest to ensure that your system is covered without professional installation.

Aquasana EQ-1000 Whole House Filter (with Salt-Free Softener and UV Purifier)

Type: Salt-Free Water Softener (Add-On Attachment)

Aquasana has quite a few different water filtration and softener systems. The Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System is their largest and most comprehensive system delivering 1 million gallons of water or 10 years of purified water. The result is clean, great-tasting, softened water delivered to your whole house.

The filter removes everything from hard water minerals to bacteria and lead. This is thanks to the UV purifier and scale control media with salt-free technology. This is revolutionary by today’s filtration standards as you get the most water with 98% purity. It’s also easy to maintain, but installation and filter replacement is a bit of a downer.

What We Liked

We like how large this system is because it will work for large families and offices. The package comes with an installation kit and several filters as well. The filtration was clear to see, taste, and feel in this filtration system. Our filtered water had zero odor and came back with a near 97% pure rating.

It’s also amazing to see a saltless water softener on the market with this much filtration and capacity. You can endlessly provide your home with great-tasting water without having to worry about any contaminants or salt overload.

The system also cleans your pipes and purifies your water through another step called UV filtration. This is unprecedented for most basic water softeners.

What Could Be Better

For the cost, we think that the installation kit could be a bit more practical and include better instructions. In addition, this filtration systems requires you to replace the filter every 3 months according to customer reviews.

Pelican NaturSoft Water Softener Alternative Using Salt-Free Technology


Hard water minerals are easy to remove from your home’s water with the Pelican NaturSoft salt-free water softener. Unlike a salt-based softener, Pelican’s NaturSoft water softener includes a sediment prefilter and another tank with softening media. These systems also do not require any electricity to run, so you won’t have any maintenance issues or additional costs.

NaturSoft systems also have NSF/ANSI standard 42 and 61 certifications. It’s also the only water softening system and is over 99% effective at softening water. This is exceptional for a salt-free system because they aren’t as efficient as salt-based systems.

In addition, the NaturSoft system comes with a sediment filter and media tank, which is preloaded and ready for you to install. The DIY installation kit makes it simple to get started, and you can use the comprehensive installation guide to help you along the way.

What We Like

The main benefit of this system is the salt-free water softening efficiency. If you have hard water now, you won’t after using the Pelican NaturSoft water softener alternative. It’s one of the most high-end systems on the market. The multi-step filtration system uses a sediment filter to eliminate most bacteria and harmful microorganisms.

You won’t have to deal with wastewater either using this system. This system is installed right on your main water line and delivers soft water to every faucet and appliance. It doesn’t use electricity and has zero water waste. This means that you don’t have to figure out how to install the system next to a power source like with traditional salt-based systems.

We saw an incredible decrease in hard water immediately after installing this water softener. The flow rate is exceptional, and you’ll always have clean water for showers, cleaning, cooking, and washing clothes. Additionally, Pelican backs all of its NaturSoft models with a lifetime warranty. You can reach customer service easily by phone, and their support was very helpful in answering multiple questions.

What Could Be Better

Installation is pretty straightforward, but it may require additional cutting if the pipes are different than your home. The comprehensive guide instructs you on how to do this, but you may want to hire a professional if you’re not familiar with water valves and pipes. Additionally, there aren’t any smart features with this system, but it’s not really necessary since it doesn’t require salt or regeneration.

SpringWell FutureSoft Salt-Free Water Softener


Last but not least, we review the SpringWell FutureSoft Salt-Free Water Softener. This is a whole home water softener and descaling system that also comes with basic filtration. This is one of the best available water softeners on the market, according to most water softener reviews. We’ve chosen some of the best home water softener systems to review, so this one had to be on our list.

If you want a saltless water softener, then you’ll like how efficiency and easy to maintain the SpringWell Futuresoft is. It’s great for the environment, and you won’t ever need salt, electricity, or regeneration for the system to work flawlessly.

It works well for smaller homes and offices with under 5 bathrooms. There are varying sizes with tanks ranging up to 13 inches for larger homes. It also comes with a base flow rate of 12 GPM, which is incredible for a saltless system, but you can upgrade to a larger model if you require up to 20 GPM.

What We Like

The SpringWell FutureSoft salt-free water softener is made to eliminate hard water while also preventing your home from using too much water to do so. In that way, it’s a top tier system because of its design. This system uses a single conditioning tank with Template Assisted Crystallization to neutralize hard water minerals and produce soft water.

The system includes a sediment filter that removes larger particles, such as bacteria. This prevents toxins and contaminants from clogging the conditioning media. We also liked the high water pressure thanks to the high flow rate.

There are three configurations ranging from compact, mid, to large. The biggest difference is the change in flow rates. These range from 12 GPM, 15 GPM, and 20 GPM. If you have more than 5 bathrooms, you likely want to go with the FS+ model.

You can expect this system to consistently run without any maintenance, and all you have to do is connect it to your main water line for it to start working. SpringWell provides a lifetime warranty and moneyback guarantee, as well as 24 hours a day, 7 days a week customer service. They were easily to reach and answered all of our questions within minutes.

What Could Be Better Installation isn’t difficult, but if your home’s system doesn’t match the valve fittings or you’re not familiar with your water’s main line system, then you may want to hire a professional plumber. You also want to make sure that you purchase the right size and type of system, as there are three configurations. The website doesn’t make it easy to differentiate between these, so you’ll need to look at specifications first.

Final Verdict

So, which one is the best home water softener? Some of the features we looked at included hard water removal, filtration strength, flow rate, maintenance, and customer service. We also wanted to pick the system that offers the most water efficiency so you’re not spending an incredible amount of money on water and power bills.

With these features in mind, the best option for a whole house water softener would be the Pelican water softener alternative and filter combination system. This system is effective without causing without causing issues for those salt intake/blood pressure considerations.

In addition, homeowners save time and money without the need to purchase bags of salt using this system. We also like how trustworthy and dependable the brand is, too. Pentair is a large company with a robust product support network and customer support features. You won’t have to deal with a network of random dealers focused on making sales and repair revenue, rather than delivering the best quality product for your home.