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What’s Causing Black Stains on Toilet and Shower?

Have you ever taken off the lid to your toilet only to find a nasty surprise? If you notice black water or stains, then you may be wondering why these spots are popping up on your toilet. These black discolored spots can also pop up on your shower, kitchen sink, and other water fixtures. The problem is that you have excess manganese in your water.

When you see manganese stains on your toilet or shower, it’s because you have high levels of this mineral. It’s also probably affecting your drinking water, laundry, plumbing, and appliances, too. Manganese deposits typically build up over time and destroy plumbing, but there are other implications for your health.

Why Manganese Causes Black Stains on Your Toilet

Manganese is one of the most abundant metals found in water and soil. It’s also in beans, nuts, and oatmeal. However, in large quantities, manganese can have negative effects on your nervous system, according to a study by Health Canada.

In areas of the US, such as the Midwest, there are higher levels of manganese in the soil, which leads to an abundance in city tap water and well water. If you have this problem, then you probably have more black spots or a metallic taste to your tap water.

How to Remove Manganese from Water

While it’s been known to be difficult to remove, manganese can be removed through a water conditioner or water softener with a water filtration system for your home. These whole home water filters can reduce manganese, as well as iron, copper, and water hardness in a single pass.

Water softeners are the best way to remove manganese, while also removing hard water from your home. You may have noticed that there are other effects from your water, such as dry skin and brittle hair. These are caused by water hardness, which is due to a long-term buildup of calcium and manganese.

Should You Remove Manganese from Your Water?

The first step is to always test your water and see how much contamination is actually in your water. You may also have bacteria or other problems causing a bad odor or poor water taste. However, you should only pick a test that checks for manganese. It’s likely that you’ll also test positive for hard water. However, a shower filter or faucet filter won’t do the trick. You’ll need to install a whole home water filtration that can filter out all the water from your water supply, which is the source of the problem. This should eliminate all issues with manganese and hard water.