Puronics Water Softener Cost (Do NOT Buy Before Reading)

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Puronics makes everyone request a quote, instead of just listing the price of its products online. Why does Puronics not list the price of its water softeners? In some cases, the cost is way above what you’ll pay with other brands like with Aquasana or Pelican water softeners.

Comparing Puronics Water Softener Costs

The cost of Puronics water softeners depends largely on the region and independent dealers. This is why Home Depot and other department stores won’t list the price but rather, you’ll build a quote based on what you want in your water softener system. While this lets you customize filters and other options for your home, you won’t get the final price until a Puronics dealer reaches out to you.

However, we’re reviewing the cost of Puronics water softeners so you can see estimated costs based on our research and testing the top products from this brand. We also want to compare these costs to competitor brands like Pelican and Aquasana.

About Puronics

If you haven’t heard of Puronics before, the company has a long history as a water treatment brand. Thanks to their advanced engineering and technology, Puronics has a high rating for product quality. They create a number of water softeners that can filter and purify your home’s water, while also removing any hard water.

Some of the top water softeners for this brand include the Puronics Hydronex, Puronics Terminator, and Puronics Defender. Each of these systems have varying levels of filtration to accommodate for different budgets. However, the cost also depends on dealer markup and installation expenses.

Non-Transparent Dealer Markups and Installation Costs

Even though Puronics creates high-end water filter and softener combination systems, their pricing isn’t always transparent. In our research, we found complaints that you can’t get straightforward pricing and must ask for a custom quote. This is due to dealer markup, installation costs, and custom options.

Puronics water softeners cost upwards of $4,000 for the basic system. The whole water treatment system with water filtration and water softener costs over $6,000. Top competitors like Pelican and Aquasana include the same or better features for much less. (See below for reviews and comparisons.)

With other competitors like Aquasana, you’ll notice that pricing and cost of filters are listed online via the website or even Amazon. However, that’s not the case with Puronics. The company chooses to charge higher costs for similar water softener combination systems due to its network of dealers.

There are a few potential problems with this sales technique, but the company still has a great reputation for high-quality, whole home water treatment systems. We’ve gone through the sales process with Puronics to show you what each system costs and what you can expect with individual dealers.

Puronics Hydronex iGen Price

The Puronics Hydronex iGen is the most expensive of all water treatment systems sold by the brand. Known for being a high-quality, whole-house water softener and filtration system, the Puronics Hydronex iGen reduces chlorine and many other toxins while also eliminating hard water from your home’s water.

Due to its multi-stage filtration, sleek steel design, computerized control valve, and installation services, the Hydronex iGen water softener costs up to $6,000 or more. This price range does not include any dealer markup for particular regions. Puronics

Due to non-transparent pricing we’re going to estimate the product cost at up to $6,000 before installation expenses and dealer markup. Pricing may increase in certain regions. Pricing may increase in certain regions, as well as due to the size of your house. Customers reported up to $15,000 for larger home installations.

Puronics Terminator Cost

Like the Hydronex iGen, the Puronics Terminator iGen is a smaller system made from stainless steel. This whole-house filter and water softener comes with a durable stainless steel filter media tank and patented computerized control valve. Also rated for removing chloramine and chlorine, the system removes hard water from all of your home’s water thanks to its bacteriostatic or chlorostatic filtration capabilities.

The Terminator is also different than the Hydronex, which is made with a fiberglass tank and stainless steel jacket. The Defender has only a fiberglass tank. The warranty and support should also be discussed with your Puronics sales associate before purchasing any system.

This system is estimated to cost up to $5,000 or more, but this price doesn’t include installation or specific dealer markup. Prices are also based on the size of your home, which is why Puronics always advertises with “request a quote” instead of transparent pricing.

Puronics Defender Cost

The Puronics Defender offers similar filtration capabilities as the Terminator and Hydronex iGen models. It’s also a whole house water softener and filter combination, though it doesn’t have a stainless steel design. This indicates that it may not be as durable or reliable as other models after so many years.

It’s also available with a bacteriostatic or chlorostatic filtration type. These filters are sold separately, and you’ll need to replace them once or twice per year.

This model also doesn’t have transparent pricing, but you can expect to pay up to $4,000 just for the Defender iGen. This doesn’t include installation or any of the dealer markup. Customers report paying over $5,000 for a larger home.

Customer Concerns About Puronics

After researching the history and sales of Puronics, there were multiple customers and prospective shoppers who didn’t like the sales process. For one, the company does not provide clear pricing or a way to purchase completely online. Puronics tries to mitigate this by offering water testing and installation as part of the system, but these additional costs make the system more expensive than many other brands.

Source: ConsumerAffairs.com

Customers also expressed multiple issues with the warranty and customer support. Depending on where the Puronics Terminator iGen or Defender was purchased, pricing was different and not consistent. Dealers also over promised and did not respond to warranty requests when customers experienced problems within 90 days of purchasing the unit.

Multiple customers weren’t able to reach customer support or had terrible experiences. Other prospects reported that the costs were not well-explained between the different systems, beyond that some were made with stainless steel and others were not.

The sales team is also quite aggressive with lots of promises about warranties and guaranteed satisfaction, but customers reported terrible repair experiences with Puronics, in which their requests were never answered, or replacements were never sent.

One other thing to remember: Puronics requires that customers purchase installation from approved technicians. Otherwise, you’ll void your warranty and won’t be able to get any replacements or repairs through the warranty.

Other brands offer highly-rated whole house water filter and softener alternatives with transparent upfront pricing. You can search online for Aquasana water softener pricing or Pelican water softener costs to see complete pricing and costs, and you can purchase these systems online.

About Aquasana

Like Puronics, Aquasana is a top-notch brand with a long history of selling high-quality water filtration systems and water softeners. With certifications in NSF/ANSI in several categories, Aquasana can filter out 99% of all contaminants.

Known for multi-stage filtration, whole-house filters, and lower cost filters, the brand Aquasana has received high ratings for years. Some of the top products include the Aquasana EQ-1000, Aquasana OptimH2O, and Aquasana Rhino.

These systems have strong filters that last for 1,000,000 gallons or 10 years. Their customer support system makes it easy to get help and replacements under warranty. With a 90-day moneyback guarantee, these systems are reported to have very little defects and work right out of the box.

Aquasana Rhino EQ-1000 with UV Filter and Water Softener (1,000,000 Gallons or 10 Years)

This all-in-one water purifier and water softener comes with a UV filter, which also works for well water homes. Thanks to its design, the Aquasana EQ-1000 offers a full water treatment system with a 1,000,000-gallon capacity.

Commentary and Features

The best part about this water softener is multi-stage filtration and chlorine removal. NSF-rated, Aquasana is simply known for its ability to remove all kinds of toxins and contaminants from your home’s water. This includes sediment, chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, industrial solvents, lead, VOCs, pathogens, bacteria, and more.

Salt-free descaling system also improves the quality of your water and pipes, but it’s also capable of eliminating wastewater. This system also has a UV filter for homes with well water systems.

What We Like

After a professional installation, your whole home will have pure, filtered water that tastes amazing. Aquasana filtration systems are known for removing chlorine, improving taste, and eliminating odor.

The Aquasana EQ-1000 with UV filter works perfectly for homes with city municipality connections or well water. That’s because it reduces hundreds of contaminants by over 97 percent, such as industrial solvents, chlorine, sediment, agricultural chemicals, pathogens, VOCs, and lead.

This filter also has the lowest micron filter, capable of filtering out 0.35 microns and higher. This is one of the lowest micron filter sizes, which is necessary when filtering well water systems.

In addition to water purity, we also tested flow rate to see how fast filtered water got to each faucet, fixture, and water appliance. The Aquasana EQ-1000 has a flow rate of 7 gallons per minute.

What Could Be Better

One thing that’s common among water softener companies is professional installation requirements. If you don’t have the system professionally installed by an approved technician from Aquasana, you do void your warranty.

Additionally, filters do have to be changed every six months, but it’s incredibly easy and Aquasana has a filter replacement program that cuts the cost.

Aquasana OptimH2O with UV Filter and Water Softener

With multi-stage filtration that includes reverse osmosis, the Aquasana OptimH2P has a UV filter and water softener. In addition, the system has an additional remineralization stage that ads some minerals back to your water.

Commentary and Features

With five NSF certifications that guarantee the removal of hundreds of contaminants, the OptimH2O reverse osmosis system is perfect for those who want the best tasting, filtered water to every faucet and water appliance. However, these systems have an additional filter to reduce lead, cysts, PFOA/PFOS, chloramine, and chlorine.

The OptimH2O comes with a reverse osmosis filter that reduces 99% of all contaminants. This water truly tastes amazingly smooth. That’s probably because of its optimized pH and remineralization phase.

With a pre-filter, UV lamp, salt-free water conditioner, and active carbon filters, the OptimH2O is IAPMO tested and certified as well. You can trust that this system won’t break down in the first 90 days either, thanks to the moneyback guarantee and warranty.

What We Like

Not only can you drink and cook without fear whether you have city municipality water or well water, this system is also better for bathing and using water appliances like washer machines. That’s because the salt-free conditioner improves the quality of your water for your skin, hair, nails, and water appliances.

With an 8 gallons per minute flow rate, you’ll also get purified water quickly to every faucet, shower, and bath in your home. It’s also rated for 100,000 gallons.

What Could Be Better

The OptimH2O has several different systems, so you may find both under sink and whole home systems. You’ll want to make sure that you’re adding on the salt-free water conditioner if looking for softening.

Additionally, like the other system, you’ll need professional installation, so you don’t void the warranty and moneyback guarantee. Customers report that it’s easy to get in touch with Aquasana’s warranty support system and get a replacement mailed to their home.

Filter costs are always high for whole home water systems, and while OptimH2O has a 3 to 6 month filter replacement, you can sign up for their low cost filter replacement program that will automatically mail you filters when yours is about to expire.

Aquasana Rhino Well Water with UV

This is another system that works well for all homes, including those with well water connections. There are actually multiple versions of this water filtration and softener combination, as well as a few upgrades.

The Rhino is the largest whole house water filtration system from Aquasana. We tested water before and after, and we found that the Rhino can reduce 99% of all contaminants. This includes removing chlorine and chloramine.

Commentary and Features

The Rhino EQ-Well-UV is designed to treat well water mainly, which is why it comes with Sterilight. This is the UV filter that protects you from bacteria and viruses. It has a capacity of 500,000 gallons or five years.

In addition, this system has multi-stage filtration that includes a pre-filter, activated carbon, and catalytic carbon. This unit also comes with a SimplySoft salt-free water conditioner that also descales your home’s pipes.

This system is very simple to install and use for clean, softened well water throughout your home. It doesn’t require any electricity or pre-programming either. We found that it doesn’t produce any wastewater either.

With a max working pressure of 75 PSI and 7 gallons per minute flow rate, the Rhino EQ-Well-UV brings clean water to every single outlet. It’s also NSF and ANSI rated.

What We Like

You’ll love how your water tastes after installing the Aquasana Rhino EQ-Well-UV. The multi-stage filtration really pays off. Not only does it include a pre-filter, activated carbon filter, UV lamp, and catalytic carbon filter, the well system has a post-filter.

It can adapt to any hose and comes with all of the installation equipment. Filter replacements are also exceptionally easy with this system. While you may need to replace the sediment filter every three months, the other filters are typically replaced once a year.

The Rhino is one of the best systems for your home, but it’s also very highly rated among customers. Thanks to their warranty coverage and moneyback guarantee, Aquasana makes it easy to get help and order a replacement if there are issues.

What Could Be Better

The EQ-Well-UV version doesn’t have as many NSF ratings as the EQ-1000. However, it removes most of the main contaminants, and it’s designed to work best for well water systems.

If you do not order the installation through Aquasana, you may void your warranty from receiving free repairs or replacements. While that’s standard for high-end water treatment systems, it’s better to have a professional installation for whole home water filtration systems.

About Pelican Water

Pelican Water is owned by Pentair, which has been an industry leader in water filtration and water softeners. Pelican produces a very efficient water softener and water filtration system for your whole home. The company also has an Autoship Watershield Club, which includes savings on replacement filters and parts.

The Pelican Water Filter and Water Softener Alternative with Pro UV is a top-selling product from this brand, but you’ll also find Pelican Whole House Water Filters with UV and Pelican Advantage Series Salt Water Softeners.

Pelican also thrives because of its hassle-free return policies, comprehensive warranties, and free shipping. In comparison to Puronics, Pelican water softeners are much less expensive yet provide chlorine reduction, zero waste water, and whole home water filtration and softening.

Pelican Water Filter & Water Softener Alternative with Pro UV

If you’re looking for the all-in-one whole home water filtration and softening system, then you can’t go wrong with the Pelican Water Filter & Water Softener Alternative with Pro UV. With a UV lamp, this system works for both city municipality water hookups and well water homes.

There are two sizes depending on your household needs. The lower price is for a 1 to 3 bathroom household, but you can upgrade to a 4 to 6 bedroom household size water filtration system if needed.

These systems are designed with multi-stage filtration and include a 60-day moneyback guarantee.

Commentary and Features

We tested the Pelican whole home water filter and softener combination system to see how well it purified water of all contaminants. We found that water was over 97% pure after testing with chlorine almost completely removed, as well as lead, arsenic, chloramine, bacteria, viruses, cysts, herbicides, pesticides, and other harmful toxins.

With its patented water conditioning system, it’s the only water softener that is 99.6% at removing all hard water in your home. It’s also WQA Gold Seal certified as a water softener alternative.

The system includes multiple steps of filtration, and it removes hard water scale on your plumbing and appliances. With the UV unit, it’s also built with a stainless steel exterior and resists corrosion.

This Pelican system is also IAMPO, and NSF/ANSI rated for the reduction of chlorine and other contaminants.

What We Like

We liked that this system is built to be easily installed and doesn’t produce any waste water. It’s also naturally treated without salt, and it works well for your whole home.

Multi-stage filtration includes a sediment pre-filter, tank 1 bacteriostatic media, and tank 2 media. These filters don’t need to be changed every six months. Tank 2 media is a lifetime filter that you’ll never have to remove.

The indicator lights also show the status of all system components and provide warnings if there is any maintenance or filter replacements required.

Overall, water tasted completely refreshing and pure. All odors and bad tastes were removed, and the flow rate was extremely fast to every faucet and water appliance.

What Could Be Better

Customers reported high satisfaction with Pelican in most cases, but there were some instances that required support. For example, one customer received a defective water softener, which required a replacement.

In addition, customers reported that you need to pre-soak the carbon filter for it to work properly. This can take over 10 minutes to complete after installation.

Pelican Whole House Water Filters with UV

For a lesser cost than the whole water filter and water softener combination, the Pelican Whole House Water Filter with UV offers include a 600,000 capacity and 1,000,000-gallon capacity filter.

Both systems are highly rated for their water purity and flow rate. Even the smaller version comes with a 10 GPM, and the larger 1,000,000 gallon capacity filter offers a 15 GPM flow rate.

These systems are also backed by a moneyback guarantee and warranty.

Commentary and Features

The Pelican Whole House Filter system comes with two different models, including the Pelican UV Max PUV-7 or the Pelican UV Max PUV-14. These systems are designed to eliminate bacteria, viruses, chlorine, lead, rust, sediment, herbicides, pesticides, chloramine, and many other harmful chemicals in your water supply.

With multi-stage filtration, each system comes with a sediment pre-filter, carbon series filter, and UV disinfectant system. Unlike the other system, this one doesn’t include a water softener with the default package, but it can be added on.

NSF and ANSI rated, these systems are guaranteed to reduce chlorine and hundreds of other chemicals. Since it’s a whole home filter, you can expect clean water to every faucet and water appliance in your home.

What We Like

Both systems are well-made and durable, and they come with a simple installation kit. Pentair has done a great job by ensuring that all systems are rated by NSI/ANSI, so you’re guaranteed to get clean water.

We liked that even with multi-stage filtration, the flow rate is incredibly high. With the UV systems specifically, you’ll get an even higher flow rate, including 16 GPM for the PUV-7 and 34 GPM for the PUV-14 system.

While these filters are rated for 600,000 and 1,000,000 capacity, you won’t have to replace each year. However, you can also join the filter replacement program under Pentair to save on any filters and maintenance needed over the years.

With comprehensive warranties and customer support, customers report incredibly tasting water after installing their Pelican systems. We tested and found that water was over 97% pure after filtration and tasted exceptionally refreshing.

What Could Be Better

The lack of information online about these systems can make it hard to choose the right one. There are several systems that include whole house filtration but not UV lamps, so make sure that you’re looking at the Pelican UV Max models.

Pelican Advantage Series Salt Water Softeners

For those who simply want to remove hard water from their homes, Pelican Advantage Series is an affordable way to get soft, clean water at home that uses salt or potassium. These systems are also designed to backwash only when needed, thus reducing waste water significantly.

Commentary and Features

The Pelican Advantage Series was made for homes that have high levels of hard water. If you’re noticing dry skin, damaged hair, dull clothes, and dishes that won’t rinse clean, you likely have a hard water problem. This is the perfect whole home water softener system to choose just for that purpose.

We found these systems are easy to install and include a premium bypass valve for easy maintenance, as well as a high flow rate to every faucet and water appliance in your home.

The system provides a three-phased approach to water softening that includes a backwash phase, regeneration, and rinse phase. As water passes through a mineral tank, water loses its positively charged calcium and magnesium ions, which softens your water.

Built to last with the latest technology, the system is powered by a solid state microprocessor that has a digital front panel for settings. It also includes a double backwash feature and 36 selectable pre-programmed regeneration cycles.

What We Like

We like how efficient this water softener is and that it can reduce any hard water problems for any home. It was truly amazing to watch hard water levels literally disappear once the Pelican Advantage Series was installed.

We also like how many features this water softener includes. For example, the double wash feature offers the ideal regeneration for a faster flow rate. The tank will also stay clean with less wastewater because of this feature.

Although powered by a 12-volt transformer, the Advantage Series also includes an 8-hour backup battery.

What Could Be Better

You’ll have to spend some time learning about the different modes that come with this water softener to get the most value. For example, there are three modes, including meter immediate, meter delayed, and time clock delayed. Most use meter immediate so that whenever you reach zero gallons available, the regeneration cycle starts immediately. However, this could lead to more wastewater.

Final Verdict: We can’t recommend Puronics Water Softener-Filter products

When it comes to water filtration and water softeners for your home, you want to make sure that you’re spending money on a system that’s guaranteed to work for years to come. From our research, we found the most complaints for Puronics water softeners because of their faulty warranty policies and lack of customer service. Many customers felt tricked by the lack of transparent pricing from Puronics as well.

You’re able to see all costs and terms before purchasing competitors like Aquasana and Pentair Pelican water treatment systems. Additionally, customers don’t complain about individual dealers and receiving a broken system out of the box. If you’re looking for a whole home water softener and filtration system, then you’ll want to compare prices, filtration stages and media, and the type of water softener. Both Aquasana and Pelican provide salt-free water conditioners if you don’t want to use salt to soften your water.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Filtration and Softeners

How much should a whole home water filter and softener cost?

The cost for a whole home water filtration and softener system depends on the house size, gallon capacity, flow rate, and number of filters. A system with multi-stage filtration and water softener with a UV filter will also cost more than a smaller system just made for filtration.

To determine the best system, you’ll want to look at the number of bathrooms, sinks, faucets, and water appliances to calculate your capacity in gallons. Smaller whole home systems may range between 100,000 and 600,000 gallons. While larger homes with over 4 bathrooms would require at least 1,000,000 gallon capacity.

You’ll typically spend between $700 to over $2,000 for a smaller water filtration system with a capacity for a small home of 1 to 3 bathrooms. Larger water filtration and water softener combinations typically range over $3,000 to start.

Do you need a water softener in your home?

Water softeners provide a lot of benefits if you have hard water. There are a number of at-home water tests you can purchase to see what’s in your home’s water. This isn’t just water from your faucet or fridge though. You’ll want to test what water you’re bathing in as well as the water going into your washing machine.

Hard water can cause a variety of problems, including health issues like dry skin, brittle hair, and other skin problems. You’ll also notice dull clothes, hard water deposits on dishes, and even limescale build-up on your home’s plumbing.

Do salt-free water conditioners work as well as salt softeners?

Most water softeners for whole home systems use salt or a brine tank to remove positively charged calcium and magnesium minerals. These are the minerals most responsible for hard water problems. However, potassium and salt-free conditioners can also be used to reduce hard water significantly.

The difference really depends on the system, as salt-free conditioners are typically proprietary to the company. For example, Pelican uses NaturSoft to eliminate hard water without using salt. Aquasana also has a salt-free water conditioner.

What are the best filters for whole home filtration?

As you shop for different systems, you’ll notice that prices go up with multi-stage filtration. The best systems typically have 3 to 4 stages of filtration, including a pre-filter for sediment, activated carbon filter, and reverse osmosis membrane.

If water softening or even ionization is included, then you may also have a remineralization stage that adds important, healthy minerals back into your drinking water.

Is professional installation required if you don’t want to void your water filter’s warranty?

Every brand has a different policy, but this is an important feature to fully research before buying any water filtration system. While professional installation is actually better because you don’t have to do any work, some brands also charge extra to use this installation service. If you don’t use professional installation, some companies will void your warranty.