Puronics vs Pelican Review (Do NOT Buy Before Reading)

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For over 70 years, Puronics water system treatments have purified your home’s municipality water supply or well water. However, the company has experienced some setbacks recently. While the Puronics water filter remains strong, there are some facets of their company and warranty policies that have stopped customers from providing higher ratings.

Our Puronics vs Pelican reviews look at each of the whole house filtration and softener products provided by each company, assessing value for overall Puronics water softener price. Is it worth the cost? Are you really getting the best deal if you work with a Puronics water system dealer?

Continue reading to discover the results of our rigorous scientific testing.

About Puronics

Puronics has a long history as a water softener and water filter manufacturer. They create six different types of water treatment products, including:

  •  Chlorostatic
  •  Bacteriostatic
  •  Water softeners
  •  No salt water filtration
  •  Problem water treatment systems
  •  Drinking water filtration systems

Their line of Terminator IGEN and Hydronex water softeners offer stainless steel designs that provide filtration and water softening. However, it’s their drinking water filtration and whole house water filtration systems that have been more popular recently. These include the Micromax 7000 and Micromax 6500.

The company’s vast product offerings and multi-stage filtration products make it one of the top water filtration brands. However, Puronics has suffered recently from customer concerns and a lower BBB rating.

About Pelican Water

Pelican Water is a water filtration brand with an A+ BBB rating. Their water filters are quite popular due to their whole house filtration design as well as water softeners and UV well water filtration kits.

Many of the customers appreciated how effortless it was to purchase and get support for their Pelican water filter. For example, the company offers lifetime warranties and free shipping. They also sell everything directly, so customers don’t have to worry about dealer network mark-ups and faulty service promises. With low maintenance and high reliability, customers rated Pelican water filters at the top of the market.

Puronics Terminator® IGEN® B Whole-House Softening And Filtering System

Puronics released the Terminator® IGEN® B whole house softener and filtration system recently. It’s innovative and sophisticated with a simple, steel design that makes it easy to install and maintain.

The advantages of the whole house system are clear with this system. Puronics water filters clean water from the source so that all of your home’s water is purified and softened. This works best if your home experiences funny tasting, hard water.

Not only that but this system was designed with a digital control valve that calculates the number of gallons being treated and notifies you when filters have to be replaced.

Commentary and Features

Puronics gets a few things right with the Terminator iGen softener filtration system. The stainless steel tank keeps water clean. It also comes with advanced technology, like the Microsilver Bacteriostasis Technology that inhibits bacteria growth within the filter itself.

With a proprietary filter, the Puronics Silvershield HYgene filter, Terminator iGen also has generation options, built-in diagnostics, and auto reserve. This feature ensures that you always have purified, softened water when you turn on any faucet or water appliance.

The softener and water conditioner is a high-capacity S-758 monospheric resin design that offers uniform-sized beads that maximize flow rates. While Puronics also says these filters are efficient, it has higher wastewater production than other filters, such as Pelican.

What We Like

The steel design, silver particle shield, and hygiene filters really keep the system clean. It’s easy to maintain these filters, and the taste is absolutely amazing. You truly taste the artisan purity of Puronics filtration

The multi-stage filtration process reduces 99% of all contaminants. Puronics also guarantees that this system reduces hard water by nearly 100 percent. It’s incredibly powerful and built for large family consumption.

The backflush and recharge feature also ensures a high flow rate with clean water ready on demand. If you’re worried about salt content, this system also includes a downflow brining system that reduces salt dosage.

What Could Be Better

There are a few things about these systems that reduce their reliability and overall satisfaction. For one, parts and maintenance appear to be covered under a warranty, but not if you go through a local dealer who doesn’t operate any longer. Customers report that it’s exceedingly difficult to contact customer support and get help.

In addition, Puronics cost fluctuates from dealer to dealer so you’ll never get the same price. With most water filtration systems, you can find it online, but Puronics prices go by individual dealers, which can cause issues if you pay for add-ons but don’t receive the services.

Even though Puronics has a history of creating incredibly sturdy and reliable products, the poor customer service and warranty complaints have sunk their BBB rating, creating problems for their brand with new customers looking for a water filtration system.

Our advice is to always try to purchase directly from Puronics or a reputable dealer that has great reviews.

Pelican Water Filter & Water Softener Alternative with Pro UV

This combination water treatment system from Pelican is WQA-certified for filtration and as a water softener alternative. With zero wastewater and proven to work against hard water scales, this combination filtration system doesn’t use salt filters.

Instead, these systems use the Pelican NaturSoft Water Softener Alternative, which is salt-free. This is why Pelican has such a high reputation because their systems are eco-friendly and healthier than a lot of water softener systems that use electricity or salt.

Commentary and Features

Most water filtration systems include 2 or more filters, including a pre-sediment filter and an active carbon filter. However, Pelican goes a step further to include a premium carbon series whole house filter, as well as NaturSoft softener, and a UV light that also disinfects your water.

This system works well for both city water and well water hookups. If you’re looking for a system that can remove chlorine, lead, bacteria, viruses, cysts, and other dangerous toxins, this one passed all of our tests with flying colors. It’s 99% effective and reduces thousands of contaminants to nearly zero.

Pelican’s design also includes a bypass valve and different systems for water pressure. For example, the PSE 1800 offers a 10 GPM flow rate at 25 to 80 PSI. However, the PSE 2000 has a 15 GPM and a larger tank size also at 25 to 90 PSI.

What We Like

We like that these systems are certified and protected under a lifetime warranty. You will never have to deal with defective systems and parts because it’s protected.

The test results speak for themselves with this system. While Puronics also had 99% pure water, the UV filtration and salt-free water softener create a more purified taste. It’s just a bit smoother and fresher tasting.

The large tanks and stainless steel design also keep water free of bacteria, while also ensuring that you always have clean, softened water delivered to all faucets and water appliances in your home.

With salt-free water conditioning, the NaturSoft filter is faster at softening water, which means that you get clean, softened water on demand. It’s also been tested and certified to be a top water softener product with unique technology that doesn’t require electricity or salt processing. Water just cleans itself with the minerals and filters pre-loaded into the filtration system.

What Could Be Better

Puronics tries to be a little smarter about filter life monitoring. Pelican water doesn’t have the same smart monitoring technology and alarms. Instead, you’ll know when to change as there is a slight drop in water pressure, which means you’ll have to monitor the water pressure and change the filter on your own.

Pelican Advantage Series Salt Water Softeners

The Advantage Series Softener from Pelican comes with a high-capacity tank, and you can select potassium or saltwater as your softener.

Some water filters and softeners use a saltwater solution to remove hard water. Pelican created a new formula that has a better gallon-per-minute flow rate. It’s also better than many competitors in reducing hard water deposits, based on our tests.

Additionally, this system is smarter than many of its top competitors because it performs a backwash process only when it’s needed to reduce water waste.

The Advantage Series Softener from Pelican comes with a high-capacity tank, and you can select potassium or saltwater as your softener.

Some water filters and softeners use a saltwater solution to remove hard water. Pelican created a new formula that has a better gallon-per-minute flow rate. It’s also better than many competitors in reducing hard water deposits, based on our tests.

Additionally, this system is smarter than many of its top competitors because it performs a backwash process only when it’s needed to reduce water waste.

Commentary and Features

The water pressure stays the same even with this whole house water softener filtration. That’s unique to this Pelican system because many competitors have a lower flow rate when introducing a softener filter. There are two versions of this system, including a 12 GPM and 18 GPM. The ladder is best for larger households with 2 or more bathrooms.

Another feature is the electronic head. It’s remarkably simple to use and makes it easy to install the system. The automatic backwashing system detects when to start without any input, so you don’t have to worry about wasting water.

It also runs on a battery backup in case of power failure.

As a water softener, it’s not going to remove any contaminants, however. It’s also a salt-based system that’s designed to reduce as much calcium and magnesium as possible in the water. These features have the most benefits for your skin, hair, and water appliances.

What We Like

This is a traditional water softener system with new saltwater filtration formula. It will actually reduce water hardness even more than most competitors, making it one of the more effective systems if you have city municipality water that constantly leaves hard water stains and deposits on your shower and water appliances.

It’s quite easy to install and comes with great customer support if you have any questions. A lifetime warranty is also included, as well as a money-back guarantee.

What Could Be Better

We know that water softeners don’t filter out any contaminants, but it would be better if this came with at least a 1 to 2 step water filtration component.

Pelican Whole House Water Filters with UV

We also wanted to compare Puronics filtration systems to the Pelican Whole House Water Filters with UV. These are high-capacity, 1,000,000-gallon rated filtration systems that you can install on your main water supply for pure, filtered water.

We also found that this system can kill 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses thanks to sophisticated UV protection. However, there are also a few other features that set this system apart, including its copper-zinc reduction oxidation for getting rid of chlorine.

Commentary and Features

This is a multi-stage whole house filtration system that includes a 5-micron pre-filter that reduces all silt, sand, debris, and sediment. In stages 2 and 3, water passes through a catalytic granular activated carbon media filter. This is a high-grade mesh that blends activated carbon and coconut shell media.

The Pelican Media Guard is another special filtration stage where water passes through a copper and zinc oxidation media. This is only available through Pelican, and it’s developed only to get rid of all chlorine in your water.

When tested, we found that this water tasted extremely high-quality and pure. It’s just like drinking natural artesian water.

What We Like

The design of this whole house filter is extremely forward-thinking from Pelican. Everything is made for an effortless installation and fast delivery of pure water to all of your faucets and water appliances. The large tanks hold more filtered water, which increases the speed of delivery, while also improving the lifespan of the filter.

Pelican also developed this water filter with an up-flow system, which means that water flows easily through the filter media. Down-flow filters often have channeling issues where water will try to flow through the same channels, creating holes and expired areas of the filter much faster than if it was flowing up from the bottom of the tank. That’s why Pelican chose the up-flow design, and it works much better than most of the other whole house filtration systems.

It’s truly impressive how fast this thing pumps out clean water. With a premium stainless steel design and multiple filters, it’s one of the strongest whole house filtration systems on the market today.

What Could Be Better

This system doesn’t have a softening component, though Pelican claimed that it could remove hardness from the water. While it does this a little bit thanks to the multi-stage filtration, it’s not as good at reducing hardness as the Pelican water softener and filtration comb system.

Puronics DEFENDER™ IGEN® C Whole-House Water Conditioner System

The Puronics Defender iGen with ChloroShield Clearess Media is another water conditioning system that offers a water softener along with filtration. This water treatment system reduces chloramine, chlorine, and other toxins, while also reducing hard water found in city municipal water supply lines.

As a whole house filter, there are some big benefits to installing this Puronics water filter in your home. With our tests, we found that it does reduce most toxins, although it’s not as strong of a water filter as it is a water conditioner.

The technology is quite advanced in this water filter, offering a smart digital microprocessor that controls the system and assures that your water is purified. It also maintains 60 days of water usage history to ensure that your backflush and recharge capabilities are working properly.

Commentary and Features

The main difference with this system is the ChloroShield Clearess filter media that was specifically designed to reduce chlorine and chloramine from your water. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty, but the best part is that there is no need to change this filter.

The softener and conditioning system uses an S-759 monosphereic resin that keeps your water flow rate high and reduces iron turbidity, thus softening your water quickly and delivering it right to your faucet.

What We Like

Overall, this water filter removes some of the worst toxins found in city municipality water supply lines, but the real beauty is the water softener. We liked the taste, but results showed that it didn’t reduce all contaminants to 99 percent like the Terminator iGen water filtration system.

However, the built-in digital diagnostics and alarms really help with understanding how pure your water is and whether your filter is working properly. The corrosion-resistant control valve construction and steel design also ensures that the tanks stay clean from bacteria and rust.

This filter also includes a downflow brining system that maximizes water efficiency and reduces waste.

What Could Be Better

While this system doesn’t have active carbon filters or reverse osmosis, it does have a silica gravel filter that removes other toxins. It’s not as effective as a strong multi-stage water filter.

Puronics HYDRONEX® IGEN® B Whole-House Water Conditioner

In comparison to the Pelican Advantage series, Puronics offers the Hydronex iGen B whole house water conditioner. Unlike its water filter and softener combination, this is simply a water softening system that you can install on your municipality water supply line.

While it isn’t marketed as a complete filter, this system does use multi-layered filter media with a stainless steel design to remove some toxins while removing almost 99% of hard minerals from your water supply.

Commentary and Features

The Puronics Hydronex iGen B includes the Bacteriostatic filter system. This is a new-age digital control valve that actually monitors your water use to ensure that you always have clean, softened water that’s perfect for drinking, bathing, and washing.

The tank includes an inner liner of polyethylene and the MicroSilver Bacteriostasis technology, which includes tiny, microscopic beads of silver that are embedded into their SilverShield HYgene media. This prevents bacteria growth inside of the tank, which has been a defect of many other water conditioning systems on the market.

What We Like

This is a high-capacity water softener that works for your whole home. There are multiple versions to accommodate your water flow rate and pressure needs. Whether you have 1 or 3 bathrooms, this system is built to handle all of your water softening needs.

The system is built for easy installation, and although it doesn’t have the reverse osmosis membrane or pre-sediment filters, it can still filter out some of the dangerous toxins such as chloramine and chlorine.

What Could Be Better

While the system is built like a filter and softener combination, it’s stronger on the water softening side than water filtration. In our tests, it wasn’t able to remove many of the toxins you find in city municipality, including trace amounts of lead, arsenic, and cysts.

We’d also like to see some improvement in the marketing and description of these products, as we don’t think it’s as purifying as the description claims to be. This is at best a water softener with one filter media included that doesn’t reduce thousands of toxins like other water filter and softener combinations.

Customer Concerns About Puronics

A few of the concerns researched included poor customer service, poor reliability with individual dealers, and a few instances where the company did not honor warranties and referral policies. Customers noted that while the product is supposed to include maintenance and service, many of their requests went ignored after a few months. If you pay for these mark-ups with individual dealers, the main company may not continue to honor the deal if that individual does not respond or even closes shop.

There were also several complaints about aggressive financing practices, typically used by individual dealers. Other customers did not receive parts and repairs as guaranteed by the warranty, leading to BBB complaints.

Since the warranty voids, if you do any repairs on your own or with an unlicensed service, you can end up paying a large amount of money out-of-pocket for a system that breaks in a year. The proprietary products even with Puronics’ advanced technology led to costly repairs without the ability to recoup costs or get a replacement system, even though Puronics’ customer service didn’t reply in a timely manner to many customer requests for service.

All in all, we found several reviews of customers who loved their water filtration system at first, but they had issues after 6 months to a year. Many customers were not happy due to promises made by individual dealers, indicating that Puronics hasn’t unified its product support across all regions.

We Can’t Recommend Puronics Water Filter & Softener Products

The Puronics water system does have some benefits for those who want bacteria-free, salt-free water conditioning and some filtration. However, their customer complaints and the Puronics water softener price are concerning.

Puronics has over 70 years in the water filtration and water softener business. Their business depends on independent dealers to provide customer support to help their customers. While their water filters may have innovative features, the Puronics water system also seems like the warranty isn’t honored as it should be for a lot of customers who have problems.

Ultimately, we chose the Pelican Water Filter & Water Softener Alternative with Pro UV as the best water filter and softener system in comparison to Puronics.

Best Alternative to Puronics and Pelican

Aquasana EQ-1000 Whole House Water Filter (With UV Filter & Softener)

Aquasana EQ-1000 Whole House Filter & Softener Alternative

If you’re still looking at other products, you may want to try the Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System with Salt-Free Water Conditioner. This is a combination water filter that reduces 97% of chlorine, as well as 99% of all lead, herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, and mercury.

With the salt-free conditioner, Aquasana uses carbon and KDF filtration to increase the purity of the result while also reducing hardness. Their systems work with city municipality or well water systems, but you’ll likely want the UV add-on to get rid of bacteria and viruses.

One of the best things about this alternative is that the filters are rated for 1 million gallons or 10 years. That’s an incredible value that will last for years. In our review, we also found that it’s easy to maintain. You don’t need to drain the system or manage backflushing at all. This is automatically taken care of through the filtration process designed with the Aquasana whole house filter.

Combination Water Softeners and Filters

A water softener and filter combo is a water treatment system that offers multi-stage filtration including a step for softening water. If you want to remove contaminants like chlorine and lead, while also eliminating hard water from your home, these systems offer the best options.

  •  Removes hard water
  •  Reduces contaminants typically up to 99%
  •  Filters out contaminants like chlorine, lead, arsenic, bacteria, viruses, cysts, fluoride, chromium-6 and more
  •  Offers multi-stage filtration
  •  May include reverse osmosis filtration
  •  Filter life monitoring
  •  Premium products feature UV filtration, higher flow rate, and filter replacements

Why Water Softener Filter Combos are Best

Everything comes together in these multi-stage filters known as water conditioning or water softener filtration combo systems. Most water filtration systems do not include any hard water reduction stage. That’s a problem if you are buying whole house water and want to reduce the damage of hard water in your home.

Hard water comes from too much calcium and magnesium in your water, but there are other minerals that cause these issues as well. Due to this high mineral content, water becomes “hard,” leading to dry skin issues from hard shower water and dull clothing due to hard washer machine water.

With whole house softeners and filters, you get the best of both worlds. Pure, fresh, softened water that doesn’t damage your health, clothing, or pipes.

Most water softeners don’t have the same filtration strength as a true multi-stage water filter, particularly if one of the stages includes a reverse osmosis membrane.

These combination filtration systems are best for those who need whole-home filtration, who want to cook and drink clean water, as well as eliminate hard water from their homes.

Did You Know: Whole House Water Filters and Softeners With These 3 Features Receive 92.3% of Five-Star Reviews

The Puronics water filter is top-of-the-line, but so are Pelican water treatment systems. Each of them has strengths, especially when combining filtration stages and treatment options.

The Puronics water filter system claims to offer softening and multi-stage filtration, but it’s not actually the highest water filtration available. When combined with the Puronics water softener cost, you may want to look at water treatment systems that offer more features that will filter out more toxins.

Here’s why:

Water filters, water ionizers, and water softeners typically use different filters and processes to clean your water. There are certain benefits to look for in products like the Puronics water filter. These benefits include:

  •  Wide variety of filters and water softeners for every budget
  •  Stainless steel construction
  •  Multi-stage filtration in most models, like the Puronics MicroMax and Terminator iGen
  •  Professional installation service
  •  Durable with long filter life
  •  Most include built-in filter monitoring and smart alarms

You’ll need to look into the following for each Puronics filter and water softener you research before buying, as well as customer reviews:

Built-In Filter Life Monitoring

You definitely want a water filter that tracks filter life. These smart devices will also alarm you when it’s time to change out the filter. Others go a step further to notify you that filters are running low and will need to be changed in “X” number of days.

Does Puronics have filter life monitoring?

With its latest Terminator iGen line, you’ll find that many of Puronics water filters have built-in filter life monitoring.

Low Waste-Water Production

The other big factor with any water filter is water waste. Does the filter have a process that reduces water waste? Some will be tankless; others will have a small tank. However, it’s about the filter quality, too.

Better filters have less waste, ideally at a ratio of 1:5 or 1 waste gallon to 5 gallons of water or more.

Does Puronics have a low waste-water product?

Not all filters are waste water-efficient from Puronics.

Multi-Stage Reverse Osmosis Filtration

The most important feature is, of course, filtration type. If you’re spending money on a filter, you ideally want to get a multi-stage water filter. These filtration systems have 2 or more stages of filtration, including a pre-sediment filter and activated carbon filter. However, the top-of-the-line systems typically have 3 or more stages with reverse osmosis.

Reverse osmosis filtration filters out more micro toxins than any other filter, removing up to 99% of contaminants. Most filters that get out chlorine, lead, arsenic, fluoride, chromium-6, and other dangerous toxins include a reverse osmosis membrane.

Does Puronics have a reverse osmosis filter?

Only the MicroMax line has reverse osmosis filtration, which does not include a pure water softener. You may be able to add this feature on, but this is also up to individual dealers.