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Aquasana EQ-Well-UV Whole House Filter Review

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If your water comes from a well source, then you definitely want a system that can handle purifying bacteria, viruses, and other microscopic contaminants. It’s also about the taste, as the main issue with well water is the abundance of iron.

The Aquasana Rhino EQ-Well-UV well water system comes with a UV filter and multiple micron filters to effectively purify any water source. It’s the best way to get clean water to every faucet in your home. We’ve tested this system and rated its features below with a guide on what we look for in the best whole home filtration systems for wells.

Benefits of Whole House Water Filtration for Wells

Not all brands create water filtration systems that can handle well water filtration. Aquasana is one of the only brands that creates unique systems just for this purpose. Due to the contaminants in well water, not just any filter will do to purify your water

When looking for a well water filtration system, these are some of the features to keep in mind:

Rated for Well Water Purification

Due to the unique connections and water filtration needs required, you should only purchase systems that are rated to work with well water. In most cases, the taste of the water is the initial problem, but upon testing, you’ll likely find that there is between 0.5 and 10 milligrams of iron per liter of well water.

Reduces 99% of All Contaminants

You want a well water system that can remove iron-loving bacteria, microscopic particles, and fine sediments (down to 1 micron), as well as eliminate issues with chlorine, cysts, chromium, and heavy metals.

These systems typically have an NSF certification that guarantees the removal of most contaminants. Higher NSF (over 40) ratings mean that a system can reduce over 1,000 contaminants.

Multi-Stage Filtration

Your typical carbon filter can’t handle all the purification needs for a well source. You want at least 3 stages of filtration with a UV filter. For example, the Aquasana EQ-Well-UV for well systems has 3 basic filter stages plus a UV filter and optional upgrade of a salt-free conditioner.

UV Filtration

Well water purification systems aren’t worth much without a UV filter. This ensures that ultraviolet light will penetrate your water and remove microscopic bacteria from your water, as well as any viruses. This sanitizes all the water in your home as it passes through the system, also removing cysts and other contaminating particles.

What You Should Know About the Aquasana Brand

Aquasana always receives top ratings for its water filtration systems. Their whole house water systems receive more praise and are even known as the most effective for eliminating chlorine and other difficult contaminants.

Their products are also built to last with 10-year warranties that cover all parts. You need only read a few reviews by customers to see how beloved this brand is.

In addition, Aquasana’s products are always at the top of every category. They produce budget-friendly under sink filters, as well as total whole house water filter systems. The company even promises to create unique and custom water filtration systems for homes and offices.

This is where the Aquasana EQ-Well-UV well system truly shines. It’s a combination water filtration system built specifically for homes with contaminated well water. After testing this system, we noted a 99.99% reduction in all bacteria, viruses (including E. coli) and chlorine-resistant cysts.

Aquasana Whole House Filter Comparison

Top Pick


  • Removes 97% of Chlorine
  • Reduces Herbicides, Pesticides, and VOCs
  • 1,000,000 Gallon Filter Lifespan
Best For Lead


  • Removes 99% of Lead & Cysts
  • Removes 98% of PFOA/PFOS contaminants
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 53, IAPMO Certified


  • Removes 97% of Chlorine
  • Reduces Herbicides, Pesticides, and VOCs
  • 600,000 Gallon Filter Lifespan
Best For Wells


  • Reduces Heavy Metals including Lead & Mercury
  • Reduces Herbicides, Pesticides, and VOCs
  • Eliminates 99.99% of Bacteria & Viruses

Cheat Sheet: Finding The Best Whole House Filter For Well Water

Well water has some unique challenges for filtration. For one, high mineral content in well water can spell disaster for your home’s pipes and expensive appliances. However, some water filtration systems prepare for this with addition filters, such as a salt-free water conditioner.

Here are the things to look for in a well home water filtration system:

Superior Results

You don’t want to mess around with well water that’s dirty and contains bacteria. There are a ton of issues with contaminated well water in certain areas, so whole home water filtration systems are truly valuable when they can reduce 99% of all contaminants.

When looking for superior filtration, check specifications for NSF ratings and certifications for what contaminants are removed. The Aquasana EQ-Well-UV removes 99.99% of all contaminants with UV filtration included.

Multi-Stage Filtration

Whole home water filters are also more valuable when there are multiple stages of purification. Most water purification systems only have 1 or 2 stages, which may be cheaper, but it’s not going to eliminate over 99% of all toxins and contaminants in your well water.

Ideally you want a system that has micron filters, activated carbon filters, sediment pre-filters, UV filters, and possibly, reverse osmosis (RO) membrane. However, it’s typically overkill to have several filters and a RO membrane, since RO water filters are known to remove 99% of all contaminants on their own anyway.

UV Filter

Well water systems use ultraviolet lights to remove bacteria and viruses like E. coli from the source. You get clean water delivered to every single faucet in your home, making it easy to capture the most dangerous particles before it ever reaches your appliances, sinks, and showers.

Easy Installation

Some systems come with too many parts and tanks. You want a well water filtration system that’s simple to install and includes everything you need to get the job done in under an hour. Brands like Aquasana make it a point to streamline the installation process and even provide upgraded kits for homes with specialty fittings.

Salt-Free Water Conditioner

Many homes with well water have issues with high mineral content in their water, which leads to premature failure in your water appliances and pipes. If you have issues with scale buildup in your pipes and want to enhance the life of your appliances, then adding a salt-free water conditioner is the perfect way to do so.

Aquasana EQ-Well-UV

Have you been buying bottled water because you’re afraid of the well water in your home? That has to be expensive. Aquasana is one of the only brands to provide highly efficient, 500,000-gallon rated water filtration system for wells. Thanks to its UV filter and micron filters, it’s also the most effective at eliminating contaminants and heavy metals in well sources.

The most notable difference in the EQ-Well-UV is that it is uniquely designed for well water. The 500,000-gallon rating also means that you won’t have to change your filters every year, and a mineralization filter alkalinizes your water for more antioxidants.

Not only does the Aquasana Rhino EQ-Well-UV purify well water by 99.99%, this system also creates high-quality drinking water with a smooth, pH-balanced taste. You’ll absolutely love having this water delivered to every sink, faucet, and water-based appliance in your home.

Aquasana EQ-Well-UV Features

The EQ-Well-UV water filter system sanitizes water for nearly absolute purity. While we have tested other systems and found some exaggeration in the ability to remove contaminants, Aquasana does an amazing job with its multi-stage filtration process, truly eliminating thousands of contaminants, bad odors, metallic tastes, and dangerous toxins.

Here are some of the features that stand out about the Rhino EQ-Well-UV filter.

Removes 99% of All Chlorine

The Aquasana Rhino line is considered the best when it comes to filtering out chlorine and other harmful chemicals. If you have noticed a terrible taste in your water, the EQ-Well-UV will take care of it immediately. This is due to their unique filtration step that includes crushed minerals and copper-zinc oxidation media.

Rated for 500,000 Gallons

This system has long-lasting filters that support small homes and offices, typically under 2,000 square feet with a maximum of 2 bathrooms.

No Iron or Hydrogen Sulfide

Well water is high in iron and hydrogen sulfide, which also leads to bad odors, metallic taste, and corrosion of your appliances.

This system reduces both hydrogen sulfide and iron with a carbonized coconut shell and catalytic medium, leaving you with absolutely pure water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and cleaning. Your appliances will perform better and last longer thanks to this whole house water filtration system.

Four Stages of Filtration

There are four basic filtration steps included with the base EQ-Well-UV system. It’s easy to install and maintain, and you never have to deal with backflushing, drainage lines, or wastewater issues.

Sediment Pre-Filter

This first step catches all sediment, dust, silt, rust, and other bacteria floating in your well water. This step prevents your system from clogging up your tank and other filters.

Copper-Zinc and Mineral Stone Filter

This is one of the reasons Aquasana is known for its high-quality water purification systems. The copper-zinc oxidation media removes chlorine, reduces scale, and removes water-soluble heavy metals. This prevents further bacteria and algae growth within your pipes.

Activated Carbon Filter

The next step takes care of all other toxins and also significantly reduces harmful herbicides, pesticides, cysts, chromium, fluoride, and lead. You won’t need to replace these for many years thanks to the 500,000-gallon rating.

UV Filter

The EQ-Well-UV comes with an ultraviolet filter that removes more bacteria and viruses like E. coli that are typically found in older well systems.

Optional Add-Ons

Many customers request other custom options and upgrades, so Aquasana has multiple add-ons for the EQ-Well-UV including a salt-free water conditioner that prevents minerals from binding to your pipes and causing scale build-up.

You may also want a post-filter, which ensures that any remaining particles are removed after going through the other stages. This is a final check to ensure that you receive 99.99% pure water.

What We Liked

Most people love the Aquasana brand because of its success rate when it comes to water purification. We believe that it’s one of the best systems for removing well water contaminants, particularly due to its built-in UV filter.

If you receive water from a private well, then you already know the health risks of drinking ill-tasting and bad-smelling water. Well water truly tastes different than a city municipal water supply. Aquasana built the EQ-Well-UV to eliminate these bad odors and tastes, while also removing over 1,000 contaminants.

The result is that you get 99% pure water delivered throughout your home with a 7 gallon per minute flow rate. You have to worry about wastewater, and you won’t have to change out the filter for 5 years.

Another feature that sets apart Aquasana from other water purification brands is the moneyback guarantee and warranty. This system can be returned within 90 days for any reason, and you’ll receive the full sale price. In addition, the system comes with a 10-year warranty that protects against any broken parts or leaks in your system.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with the EQ-Well-UV for well systems. It’s truly superior and produces one smooth-tasting cup of water.

What We Don’t Like

Aquasana has a ton of options, so when you’re purchasing this water filter, check all specifications to ensure that you’re picking the EQ-Well-UV for well water only. This is the only system that includes the UV filter in the base package, otherwise you’ll have to pay to upgrade.

While installation isn’t necessarily difficult for other Aquasana systems, the EQ-Well-UV has some unique requirements for wells, which is why you may need a licensed plumber. If you don’t have the system installed by a licensed plumber and something breaks, you will likely void your warranty.


If you’re looking for a strong well water filtration system that can remove almost all contaminants, the Aquasana Rhino EQ-Well-UV is the perfect choice. The base package includes four stages of filtration, including an UV filter. This ensures that any bacteria or viruses hanging out in your water are immediately eliminated. There are a few ways to enhance your whole home water purification with a water softener add-on and salt-free conditioner. These can remove hard water problems and improve the life of your home’s pipes and appliances.