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Aquasana Rhino Review (Do NOT Buy Before Reading)

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Aquasana is one of the most reputable brands in water filtration systems. Their EQ-1000 is a high-end whole house water filtration system that’s particularly known for removing chlorine and producing a 99% purified result. Whether you are looking for a system to purify drinking water or want clean water for all of your faucets, the EQ-1000 offers exceptional results.

With its unique design and easy installation, the Aquasana EQ-1000 may be the ideal whole house filter system for you, but there are a few things to consider. Our review and buying guide below makes it easy to see if this is the right system for your household.

What You Should Know About the Aquasana Brand

Universally recognized for their award-winning and highly rated water filtration systems, Aquasana creates a variety of water filtration products, including the Aquasana Rhino line, which includes the EQ-600, EQ-1000, and EQ-Well-UV. In addition, their OptimH2O reverse osmosis system has also received high ratings for its ability to remove over 1,000 contaminants.

Their water filtration products are made from safe, non-toxic chemicals and easy-to-install, as each one comes with its own installation kit. With thousands of happy customers and five-star reviews, Aquasana is a trustworthy brand that we recommend if you’re looking for a guaranteed pure water result. Their systems come with excellent customer service, and if you have any issues, the company provides a moneyback guarantee and warranty.

Aquasana Whole House Filter Comparison

Top Pick


  • Removes 97% of Chlorine
  • Reduces Herbicides, Pesticides, and VOCs
  • 1,000,000 Gallon Filter Lifespan
Best For Lead


  • Removes 99% of Lead & Cysts
  • Removes 98% of PFOA/PFOS contaminants
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 53, IAPMO Certified


  • Removes 97% of Chlorine
  • Reduces Herbicides, Pesticides, and VOCs
  • 600,000 Gallon Filter Lifespan
Best For Wells


  • Reduces Heavy Metals including Lead & Mercury
  • Reduces Herbicides, Pesticides, and VOCs
  • Eliminates 99.99% of Bacteria & Viruses

Aquasana 1,000,000 Gallon Rhino Whole House Filter System

After reviewing hundreds of water filter systems, it’s easy to spot the differences of a top-quality system versus something cheap that isn’t going to last. The Aquasana Rhino EQ-1000 has one of the best designs and filtration processes out of many other models that we’ve tested.

Not only does it reduce chlorine by 97% or more, the system is NSF certified and also rated for a long-term filter life of 10 years or 1,000,000 gallons. There are also four filtration stages, including two different micron filters, high-grade carbon filter, and crushed mineral stage.

Combined with its ability to remove microscopic cysts, organic particles, lead, pharmaceuticals, and other toxins, the Aquasana EQ-1000 is perfect for larger homes or even offices when you need completely pure water for every faucet.

Here’s What We Think…

One thing that sets Aquasana apart from other water filtration systems is that they focus on the filter quality and purification results. Even though the system is slightly more expensive, the value is in its unique ability to produce spa-quality water at home. It’s also one of the only systems to come with a 10-year warranty and 90-day money back guarantee.

Highly Pure Results & NSF Certified

You can’t ignore that water simply tastes like pure spa-quality mineral water after going through the Aquasana EQ-1000 filter. This is likely due to the multiple micron filters, but it also has a unique crushed minerals and copper-zinc oxidation media filter that removes 97% of all chlorine.

It’s extremely successful for microscopic bacteria, lead, arsenic, chromium, cysts, and other toxins, but the EQ-1000’s crushed mineral and oxidation stage adjusts the pH level to be more alkaline. That’s why water tastes so clean and pure after going through this filter.

Four-Stage Filtration

The high-performance systems always have multiple stages. While some believe this is overkill, it all depends on your water source and water quality level. The Aquasana Rhino EQ-1000 has four stages, which is one step more than the EQ-600.

Here are the four filtration stages:

Stage 1: 5-Micron Pre-Filter (Sediment and Microscopic Particles)

If you have issues with bacteria, sediment, dirt, dust, and other microscopic particles, this 5-micron filter reduces all of these in an instant. In addition, this filter protects your water tank from damage and clogging.

Stage 2: Crushed Mineral and Copper-Zinc Oxidation (Chlorine Removal and pH Balancing)

This filtration step is truly unique to Aquasana at this price point. This is typically a filter stage for high-end spa-quality water filtration systems, but both the EQ-600 and EQ-1000 include this step. Known for its chlorine removal capabilities, this system is able to remove almost all traces of chlorine from your water.

In addition, the copper-zinc oxidation media guarantees that your water will be alkaline, increasing natural antioxidants in your water.

Stage 3: High-Grade Carbon Filter (All Other Toxins)

This is a standard filter in all water filtration systems because of its ability to remove trace chemicals and toxins, such as lead, arsenic, chromium, fluoride, and chlorine. No water filtration is complete without this step.

Stage 4: 0.35 Micron Post Filter (Organic Particles & Cysts)

Finally, water moves through a final post filter that ensures a nearly 99% pure result. However, you will need to upgrade to the pro installation kit to get this step.

1,000,000 Gallons

The filters on this system are rated for 1,000,000 gallons, which means that you won’t have to change out filters for 10 years. You won’t ever have to worry about changing filters after 30 days.

The flow rate is also pretty fast for a whole house system at 7/gpm. One thing to keep in mind is that this system works best for homes under 3,500 square feet and less than 3.5 bathrooms. (Aquasana does build custom whole house filtration systems for larger homes.)

Pro Installation

The basic installation kit fits your standard fittings, so keep in mind that if you want a professional brass fitting and bend supports. This option also comes with shut-off valves, and a 20” pre-filter that lasts longer than the included 10” pre-filter.

10-Year Warranty

One true test of a built-to-last product is the length of the warranty. Aquasana provides a 10-year warranty that covers all parts. In addition, if your system doesn’t work as expected, the company provides a 90-day moneyback guarantee.

UV Filter

If you want the purest result possible, Aquasana provides a UV filter add-on, which also protects against difficult bacteria and viruses that linger in your water.

Salt-Free Conditioner

This add-on combines with the whole house filter to remove calcium and eliminate scale problems on your pipes. It can extend the life of your home, add value, and reduce pipe problems in your home’s water appliances, such as the washing machine or dishwasher.

What We Liked

There are a few unique features of this system that set it apart from other water filters that we’ve reviewed. For one, Aquasana has really paid attention to the design and filtration stages, ensuring that water filtration is streamlined and nearly 100% pure.

Due to its construction and tank design, you can depend on the EQ-1000 to remove almost all contaminants from your water and provide amazing drinking water. However, your clothes will also look brighter, and your skin will feel softer. This is because of the crushed minerals and copper-zinc oxidation filter.

If you have issues with chlorine in your water, this is definitely the best system for the job. Aquasana designed this system to work for homes dealing with poor quality water sources with high chlorine content. The filters reduce chlorine by slightly more than 97% our testing.

What We Don’t Like

The installation takes different tools and may not be fitted properly with just the basic installation kit. Aquasana offers some information about this issue, but you’ll likely have to purchase the pro grade installation kit if you want special fittings.

If you are looking to reduce Chloramine, the EQ-1000 system is not traditionally fitted with this filter. You’ll need to combine with the EQ-400. The company offers completely custom water filtration packages based on your water source and quality level.


Should you buy the Aquasana Rhino EQ-1000. We think it’s one of the best whole house water filters on the market today based on its unique, multi-stage filtration and additional options, such as UV filtration and salt-free water conditioner. As a high-end water filter, you can expect truly pure and spa-quality drinking water results, but it also extends the life of your appliances and pipes. When you install this system, you can even add value onto your home in the long-run. It’s the best way to improve your overall health at home.

Cheat Sheet: Finding The Best Whole House Water Filter For Your Household

We put together a quick analysis of the top whole home filtration systems so you can pick out the best features when purchasing a system. This is also the criteria we used to rate the Aquasana Rhino EQ-1000 system.

Great-Tasting, Pure Results

Whole house water filter systems should be able to reduce many of the most common toxins, bacteria, and other contaminants by over 95 percent. For example, the EQ-1000 removes 97% of all chlorine and 99% of all lead, cysts, pharmaceutical traces, arsenic, and many other toxins.

We test all results before and after to check that the systems remove all contaminants, but you should also check their NSF certification, which guarantees that the system can remove most toxins found in water today.

Multi-Stage Filtration

One-step carbon filters may work for at-home water filter pitchers, but whole home water filters typically have 3 or more stages. The most common filtration stages include:

  •  Pre-sediment filter
  •  Activated carbon filter
  •  Post-filter
  •  Reverse osmosis (RO) membrane filter
  •  UV filter
  •  Remineralization stage

We suggest looking for whole house filters that at least have a pre-sediment filter and multiple carbon filters to reduce all contaminants by 97% or more. However, if a system has carbon and RO filters, you’ll likely also need a remineralization filter to return healthy minerals back to your water and enhance the pH level.

Easy Installation

Your filtration system should come with everything you need to install the water lines and tank on your water source. However, some systems are more complicated and may not come with the right fittings for your home, especially if you have larger pipes.

Aquasana also prepares for this issue by providing every fitting with their pro-grade installation kit. However, this isn’t included with the base installation package.

Filter Longevity

All water filtration systems have filters with longevity ratings. These are rated based on gallons, but these can also be quantified by months and years. For example, the Aquasana EQ-1000 is rated for 1,000,000 gallons or roughly 10 years.

Even though some filters in a system may not require changing every 3 or even 6 months, you’ll still need to replace other filters if they become clogged or dirty. For example, pre-sediment filters often need to be changed sooner (roughly every 6 months) depending on your water source and quality.

Optional Add-Ons

UV filters may not be included with the base system but may be optional upgrades. These systems use ultraviolet light to remove bacteria and viruses from your water. This is especially helpful for municipal and well water sources with known contaminants.

A salt-free water conditioner may be another beneficial upgrade, especially if you are worried about scale on your pipes. While most water purification filters use salt in their filters, which can lead to mineral deposits and buildup, you can add on this feature to completely eliminate this problem.

Benefits of Whole House Water Filtration

Some homeowners choose to install under sink water filters or may just opt for a water filtering pitcher, but why is that preferable to total water filtration in your home? The biggest benefit of whole home water filtration is that you can drink, cook, and shower with absolutely clean water.

Here are some other benefits to consider:

  •  Save with at-home water purification
  •  Multi-step filtration removes chlorine, lead, arsenic, and many other toxins/contaminants
  •  Longer filter life (particularly with EQ-1000)
  •  Reduces scale and rust in your home’s pipes
  •  Extends life of appliances
  •  No waste water
  •  Adds value to your home

The savings are truly great for those who have always relied on bottled water or short life water filters, such as those that require you to purchase filters every 2 to 3 months. Whole house water filtration systems are built to last longer with indicators that tell you when it’s time to replace the cartridges.